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Generation VII

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|storage={{pkmn|Bank}} <small>([[Pokémon Bank#Version history|Version 1.4+]])</small>
|new_pokemon=802 <small>({{cat|Generation VII Pokémon|81 new}})</small>{{sup/7|SM}}<br />807 <small>({{cat|Generation VII Pokémon|5 new}})</small>{{sup/7|USUM}}<br />809 <small>({{cat|Generation VII Pokémon|2 new}})</small>{{sup/7|PE}}{{tt|*|While the total amount of Pokémon species that exist within the franchise as a whole has been increased to 809 here, PE only contains 153 different species.}}
|debuten=November 18, 2016
|debutjp=November 18, 2016

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