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Valuable item

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Valuable items that can be sold in Poké Marts: Correction
|locbw=Various locations, [[Pinwheel Forest]] (challenge rock), [[Black City]] shop{{sup/5|Bl}}, held by {{wild|Staryu}} and {{wild|Starmie}} (5%), {{dwa|Windswept Sky}}
|locb2w2=Various locations, [[Pokéstar Studios]], [[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Avenue rank|reward}}), held by {{wild|Staryu}} and {{wild|Starmie}} (5%), {{dwa|Windswept Sky}}
|locxy={{rt|13|Kalos}}, {{rt|8|Kalos}} (via {{m|Rock Smash}}), [[Camphrier Town]], [[Ambrette Town]], [[Azure Bay]], [[Terminus Cave]], [[Victory Road (Kalos)|Victory Road]], [[Battle Chateau]], [[Lumiose City]] (Centrico Boulevard), [[Ambrette Town]] (via {{m|Rock Smash}}), held by {{wild|Staryu}} and {{wild|Starmie}}, {{rt|111|Hoenn}} (rematch with {{tc|Ruin Maniac}} Dusty)
|locoras=Held by {{wild|Staryu}}, {{rt|111|Hoenn}} (rematch with {{tc|Ruin Maniac}} Dusty)
|locsm={{rt|11|Alola}}, held by {{wild|Staryu}}, {{wild|Starmie}} and {{wild|Minior}}, [[Poké Ride|Tauros Charge]] boulders
|main=Star Piece

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