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Pokémon battle

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In the games
==In the games==
[[File:SMSwSh WildPrerelease battlewild Pikachu.png|thumb|200px|A battle between a {{p|VulpixMinccino}} and a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|MeowthPikachu}} in {{pkmn|SunSword and MoonShield}}]]
In the games, the main battle screen will have four options: Fight, Bag, Pokémon, and Run. Depending on which of these is selected, a different menu will appear, or the battle may end. These same four options will appear no matter what kind of battle the player is in, be it with a wild Pokémon, an NPC, or another player via link battle. Battles are conducted in a turn-based manner. The Pokémon to take action first is determined by the [[priority]] of their action, then the {{status|Speed}} of the Pokémon.

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