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Charge Beam (move)

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{{movep|type=electric|ms=312|pkmn=Minun|method=Minun raises its hands and they become surrounded by light blue orbs of electricity that grow bigger as the attack charges. Then, Minun slams the orbs into the ground and multiple bolts of light blue electricity fire at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=electric|user=Ursula|user1=Ursula's Minun|startcode=DP162|startname=Playing the Performance Encore!}}
{{movep|type=electric|ms=243s243|pkmn=Raikou|method=Raikou opens its mouth and an orb of yellow electricity forms in front of it. It then fires a massive beam of electricity from the orb at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=electric|user=Legendary beasts (M13)#Raikou|user1=Raikou (M13)|startcode=M13|startname=Zoroark: Master of Illusions}}
{{movep|type=electric|ms=528|pkmn=Swoobat|method=An orb of yellow electricity appears in front of Swoobat's ears and it fires a beam of yellow electricity from the orb at the opponent.}}

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