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Galar Region: new section
::I said it because Magearna and Volcanion are based on the industrial revolution. [[User:Grizzlyring123|Grizzlyring123]] ([[User talk:Grizzlyring123|Grizzlyring123]]) 11:11, 9 January 2018 (UTC)
== Galar Region ==
So the Galar Region has just been announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and I know there were rumours before the announcement that it would be based off of the UK, so as a Briton myself, I've tried to verify that/match the locations. The industrial and farming focus definitely suits the UK, and I can see a structure that looks like the Palace of Westminster in the Icy Northern City, suggesting the island is flipped North to South. Based on this, its industrial nature and the canal leading to the main, red-brick city, I think that it represents Manchester, which would mean that the city by the wall would be Birmingham.
Just some preliminary ideas, we shall have to wait for more information before confirming anything.

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