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'''Misty Village''' is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive location in [[Hoenn]] that appeared in ''[[AG038|A Different Kind of Misty!]]''. It is located between [[Slateport City]] and [[Mauville City]]. It was unnamed in the Japanese version.
The township is also the hometown of [[Alyssa]], her younger brother [[Thatcher]], and their grandfather. Misty Village is largely agricultural, but its people are also responsible for protecting the historic Mountain Lighthouse and its precious light stone.
Thatcher enthusiastically escorted {{Ash}}, calling him the town's "legendary hero", and his "{{ashfr|followers}}" to the settlement after hethe former rescued the light stone from {{TRT}}. Thatcher noted that Ash's blue coat and his partner Pokémon being a {{p|Pikachu}} matched the details of the ancient legend.
[[File:Mountain Lighthouse.png|thumb|150px|The Mountain Lighthouse]]
===Mountain Lighthouse===
The '''Mountain Lighthouse''' (Japanese: '''山の灯台''' ''Mountain Lighthouse'') has operated for centuries and is used to help guide people through the foggy mountains between [[Slateport City]] and [[Mauville City]].
Its source of light is known as the light stone, which uses electricity to create a bright light. According to legends, the light stone was given to Misty Village by a mysterious hero dressed in blue and with a {{p|Pikachu}}. [[Thatcher]] and his older sister [[Alyssa]] run the facility and live in nearby Misty Village.
{{TRT}} werebecame particularly interested in the light stone, and used their [[Team Rocket's mechas|mecha Zapdos]] to saw off the top of the Mountain Lighthouse and snatch the precious rock. Fortunately, {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} intervened and retrieved the light stone.
==Pokémon seen in Misty Village==


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