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[[Bo]] and {{adv|Cheren}}'s {{p|Gigalith}} engage in a heated combat despite their Trainers being told by the announcer that their match isn't due to start for another half an hour. Both {{adv|Black}} and Cheren remain oblivious. [[Drayden]] takes the announcer's microphone and announces his offer to cancel the 30-minute timeout, and both Black and Cheren accept.
Black, still angry at Cheren's change in attitude, is determined to show Cheren what strength means. Cheren claims he already knows: his knowledge of the [[statisticsstatistic|stats]] and [[Ability|{{Abilities]]}} of both his and his opponents's Pokémon allows him to make the right judgments and give the right commands that'll lead him to victory. Black furiously retorts that Cheren is wrong, but suddenly sees Bo stumble. The announcer sees that Gigalith has been able to withstand Bo's repeated blows, and as a result Bo took more [[damage]] than Gigalith. Black realizes that Gigalith used {{m|Bulldoze}}. Drayden explains that Gigalith stomped each time Bo attempted to launch a blow, and was caught off guard in the process. Drayden recalls that [[Iris]] tried to use the same strategy but it was too obvious. While Black starts to question whether Cheren is the Cheren he knew for all these years, Cheren remains nonchalant, claiming that power is all about ability and technique.
Meanwhile, Gray watches the battle from the back row of the audience stand. Impressed by Cheren's cold-heartednesshearted nature, he starts to shiver again while grinning that nothing is greater than a cold heart. [[Colress|Hood Man]] then appears and asks him if he is suggesting that a cold heart draws out a Pokémon's strength. While {{adv|White}} is alerted to Hood Man and Gray's conversation by {{p|Solosis|Sally}}, Gray is adamant that he is right, using Cheren's battling ability as proof. Hood Man insist's he's not trying to challenge Gray, only suggesting that there are multiple factors in the issue. Since entering the tournament, Hood Man has observed the other Trainers closely, including [[Marlon]], Iris, and of course, Cheren.
White eavesdrops on the conversation behind a wall and frowns upon hearing Cheren's name. Suddenly, a {{p|Cryogonal}} straps around her neck and drags her towards Gray, who is disappointed that someone dared to spy on their conversation. White demands to know their names, but is strangled by Cryogonal. Meanwhile, the battle continues back on stage. Gigalith's {{m|Power Gem}} strikes Bo directly. The audience roars with excitement, but Bo remains firm. Black resorts to taking out his [[Pokédex]] to find a way to win the match. He finds out that Gigalith attacks by absorbing and releasing solar energy using its orange crystals.

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