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Rotom Pokédex

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Roto Loto
The feature can be activated by tapping on Rotom's eyes once it starts to glow gold, which can occur at random times between 10-20 minute intervals. Its eyes can also glow by tapping on Rotom if it has a sad look on its face. Once the player reaches Poni Island, the player can also activate Roto Loto by interacting with Rotom or answering its questions. After becoming the Champion, the Rotom Dex will activate Roto Loto if certain requests are fulfilled, such as after [[Mantine Surf]]ing or [[Ultra Warp Ride|Ultra Warp Riding]].
Rotom will automatically use several Rotom Powers during the course of the story -: Roto Experience when arriving at [[Melemele Meadow]] to retrieve [[Nebby]], Roto Hatch after obtaining the {{p|Eevee}} Egg at [[Paniola Ranch]], and Roto Prize Money when first passing through {{rt|11|Alola}}.
====Rotom Powers====

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