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Charmander (Pokémon)

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Charmander appears to be predominantly {{wp|reptilian}} in origin, and may have been partially inspired by the mythical {{wp|Salamanders in folklore and legend|salamander}} (as opposed to the real-world amphibian of the same name which inspired its mythical counterpart). This salamander was a fire-spirit capable of surviving in extreme heat or flames, and it is sometimes creatively rendered or interpreted in the shape of a lizard.
Physically, Charmander has a slender body, a short nose, and a long tail, as well as other lizard-like characteristics. The fact that it does not undergo a metamorphosis stage (beyond its own evolutionary pattern) but instead grows into a larger version of itself as it matures, among other things, indicate that Charmander has more in common with reptiles (such as lizards) than with amphibians (such as real-world salamanders). Its draconic evolutionary line may be a reference to lizard species that are likened to dragons, such as {{wp|bearded dragon}}s and {{wp|flying dragon}}s.
====Name origin====

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