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Mallow and {{an|Sophocles}} find themselves in a purple forest and soon discover a house made of sweets. The pair and their Pokémon enjoy a bite of the cottage's outer walls. Before too long, they have gorged on most of the house and have become too swollen to move. Elsewhere, Ash, Lillie, Kiawe, Rotom and their Pokémon stop in a forested area to watch a {{p|Banette}} perform a {{wp|marionette}} puppet show. Ash, Kiawe and Lillie soon find themselves immobile and then realize that they have become puppets.
Lana and Acerola have a tea party that quickly escalates into a dangerous situation. The pair and their Pokémon board a giant tea cup as {{p|Chandelure}} continues to pour a great flood of tea. Lana is able to row the cup away from Chandelure with a giant spoon, and later uses one of Popplio's water balloons to rescue everyone from going over a waterfall. As the giant bubble continues to float higher into the sky Acerola questions whether anything is real or is the world just one of Mismagius's illusions. Lana considers the possibility and notes that they would just need to wake up if it were just an illusion and smacks herself in the face, but it fails and she ends up with pained and comically swollen, red cheeks. A giant {{p|Komala}} spares Lana and Acerola from an angry group of {{p|Drifloon}} and {{p|Drifblim}}. After Lana's desperate pleas, a giant school bell appears in the sky and Komala rings it loud and clear. Its tolling captivates everyone's attention, and they soon wake up in one of the Pokémon School's classrooms.
Principal Oak finds his Komala sleeping by the school's bell, and questions why it rang the bell at such an odd time. Meanwhile, Acerola and Lana inform Ash and the others that they were caught in a dream created by Mismagius. Everyone is thankful for Komala's efforts, but Acerola apologizes for embroiling everyone in the chaos. Lana points the finger at her two sisters, but the twins remain unaware of the concern they caused and simply want to have more fun with the Ghost Pokémon, much to the disbelief of Ash and his friends. Then, Lana finally loses her patience as an ominous aura envelops her. She stomps her foot on the floor and calls out to Harper and Sarah, who promptly get terrified by their big sister's ominous appearance. Afterwards, Ash and his friends start cleaning the school while Harper and Sarah remain frightened and comment that Lana is scarier than the haunted house.

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