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* When [[Temacu]] fantasizes about marrying {{an|Brock}}, she dreams about him [[List of clothing in the anime|wearing a white tuxedo]] to their wedding. This is actually the same tuxedo Brock is seen wearing in ''[[EP169|Beauty and the Breeder]]''. The only difference is the addition of the rose on his chest.
* This is one of the few times that the protagonists wereare able to recognize Team Rocket{{TRT}} in their disguises. In this case, ({{an|Misty}} was able to recognize [[Jessie]] on the spot).
* [[Temacu's father]] calls [[Jessie]] by her name, but he is not supposed to know her name.
* {{p|Sentret}}'s face is missing, theand its bottom torso is also miscolored as the ring on its body.
* When Misty yells at Team Rocket for tricking Temacu, {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}'s shell is tan.
* At the beginning of the episode in the {{pmin|Poland|Polish}} dub, the [[narrator]] states that heroes{{ashfr|the aregroup}} is still on thetheir way to the [[Johto League]] in [[Olivine City]].
===Dub edits===
* In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Temacu's name is changed to Temako, to avoid a local profanity inpresent at the end of her name.
* The Hungama TV Hindi dub in {{pmin|India}} was heavily edited; the thought of love was changed to being just the closest friend, and the explanation toon Temacu's behaviourbehavior was completely removed.
** The Hungama TV dubIt also started the episode directly from the title card, skipping the parts of the episode before it.
==In other languages==

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