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Generation VII

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Discussion of Generation VII
Generation VII follows in the footsteps of [[Pok%C3%A9mon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]]'s [[Delta Episode]] by expanding on the concept of parallel universes through the introduction of the Ultra Wormholes, which lead to other worlds and universes. The existence of the Ultra Ruin and the events of Episode RR in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon further confirms the existence of alternate universes. While the Aether Foundaion may focus on the conservation of Pokémon, they also research Ultra Wormholes and the Ultra Beasts that come from them. The Ultra Beasts can be considered invasive species, as they are not native to the dimension that the Pokémon games take place in, mirroring the status of Pokémon like Yungoos and [[Meowth_(Pokémon)|Alolan Meowth]].
Throughout the games, there is a major focus on relationships, like the aforementioned Pokémon predator-prey relationships. Z-moves are said to be the physical manifestation of the bond between trainer and Pokémon, which is in a similar vein to Mega Evolution. The storylines of the Alolan games focus on the family running the Aether Foundation, with various characters centralizing on family or relationship-based issues: Lusamine is tormented by the loss of her husband, Mohn, and becomes obsessed with protecting and giving her love to people and Pokémon who she deems "worthy of her love". She later becomes solely obsessed with Nihilego{{sup/7|SM}} or strongly believes that she is the one who must protect Alola and its light from Necrozma{{sup/7|USUM}}. After the events of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, she vows to stop "interfering" in her children's happiness, and after meeting an amnesiac Mohn, she sees him smile again and decides that heit's happierbetter theto waylet him go without him knowing who he ispreviously was. Her initial change in behavior prior to the events of the games is what drives to Lillie to steal [[Nebby]] and Gladion to take [[Type: Null (Pokémon)|Type: Null]]; Gladion is concerned with stopping his mother from opening Ultra Wormholes across Alola for the Ultra Beasts{{sup/7|SM}} or to become strong enough to protect Lusamine and Lilie, due to the disappearance of his father, Mohn{{sup/7|USUM}}. Throughout the story, he tries to become stronger without help, but learns to working together with others, per Hau's advice, during the infiltration of Aether Paradise. He is later deeply grateful to the player character for helping his mother and starts to grow a healthy rivalry towards the player character and Hau; Lillie starts out as shy and reserved, but slowly becomes more confident in herself and her abilities and begins to learn about what everyday life outside of the Aether Paradise. In Sun and Moon, she goes to save her mother in the [[Ultra Deep Sea]] and finally gains the confidence to stand up to her mother regarding her recent behavior, while in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, she learns that despite not being a strong trainer that she can support and help those she cares about; Hau suffers from pressure to live up to his grandfather's name with him feeling that he is living in his shadow, but hopes to be as strong as his grandfaher; [[Guzma]] teams up with the Aether Foundation due to Lusamine being the only adult who has ever recognized him for his strength; and Team Skull consider themselves as a sort of family with [[Plumeria]] as a "bigger sister" figure and all the grunts as her "brothers and sisters".
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