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Rotom Pokédex

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Story quotes
* After talking to [[Molayne]]:
:''"I wonder what kind of trial awaitzzz us at the Hokulani Observatory? Are you ready, partner?"''
;[[Hokulani Observatory]]
* After [[Sophocles]] tells the player to gather the {{p|Charjabug}}:
:''"So we have to find all the Charjabug? Did you see how many there were?! Tzzzrt!"''
;Mount Hokulani
* After talking to Molayne about the missing Charjabug:
:''"The Charjabug are eating right now... I hope they don't mind uzzz interrupting their meal!"''
;Hokulani Observatory
* After Sophocles and Molayne enter the trial room:
:''"And in they go... Does the trial usually go thizzz way? I hope they know what they're doing..."''
* If the player tells Sophocles they're not ready:
:''"C'mon, pal, let'zzz not keep Sophocles waiting! Let him know once we're ready!"''
* After the trial starts:
:''"It'zzz been a while since our last trial! You know what to do, right? Get the Charjabug lined up by pressing the buttons on the Roller!"''
* After completing the trial:
:''"And that's another trial under your belt, kid! Let'zzz head back to Malie Garden. Hopefully the prof won't be too hard to find this time..."''
=====Progress quotes=====

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