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Rotom Pokédex

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:''"So many Trainers! Now's your chance to earn some prizzze money!"''
:''"I'll be at your service! Zzt!"''
=====Story quotes=====
;[[Mount Hokulani]]
* After Professor Kukui announces the Pokémon League:
:''"The Pokémon League! It sounds so cool! I bet you want to check it out, too, right? Zzrt?"''
::'''I'd love the challenge!''': ''"I bet you could become the best Trainer in all of Alola, <player>! Truzzzt me!"''
::'''Not sure if I can handle it...''': ''"Oooh I see... You're scared of becoming the Champion, bzzzzt?"''
:''"But first, we need to finish the island challenge! Onward to Hokulani Obzzzervatory! Bzzzzt!"''
=====Progress quotes=====

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