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Nidoqueen (Pokémon)

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A Nidoqueen appeared in a flashback along with Nidoking while the Day-Care Couple was reminiscing about the times they had raising Pokémon in ''[[PS107|Gligar Glide]]''.
A Nidoqueen was seen in a [[Poké Ball]] at {{adv|Professor Oak}}'s Laboratory in [[Cherrygrove City]] in ''[[PS121|Off Course with Corsola]]''.
{{adv|Green}} had a Nidoran♀ that later evolved into a {{p|Nidorina}}. In ''[[PS288|Give It Your Best, Blastoise]]'', she evolved into Nidoqueen to provide support for [[Blasty]]'s {{m|Hydro Cannon}} alongside her {{p|Granbull}} and [[Jiggly]].
===In the Pokémon Zensho manga===
While taking over the [[Silph Co.]], [[Giovanni]] used Nidoqueen to hold the Silph Co. boss hostage.
==In the TCG==
Nidoqueen shares traits of {{wp|rhinoceros}}es, {{wp|gorilla}}s, {{wp|rabbit}}s, {{wp|Mouse|mice}}, and {{wp|porcupine}}s. The coverings on its chest and its lower abdomen collectively resemble a two-piece {{wp|bikini}}.
====Name origin====

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