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Pokémon Tower

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In the games
The '''Pokémon Tower''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンタワー''' ''Pokémon Tower'') is a seven-story tower located in [[Lavender Town]] in the region of [[Kanto]] [[region]]. It is a burial ground for Pokémon.
==In the games==
The Pokémon Tower houses hundreds of graves of deceased {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in all of its seven floors. Many people visit the building daily to pay their respects to the fallen. On all floors other than the first two, though, the possibility of being attacked by [[wild Pokémon]] is present. In [[Generation]]s {{genII|Generations II}}]] and {{gen|IV}}, the tower was converted into the '''Lavender Radio Tower''', undergoing a similar transformation to the [[Kanto Power Plant]] to the north.
Aside from graves, the tower is home to wild {{p|Cubone}} as well as many {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon. In [[Generation I|Generations I]] and [[Generation {{gen|III]]}}, [[Team Rocket]] tried to steal the Cubone to sell their valuable skulls. In the process, a mother {{p|Marowak}} that was protecting her Cubone child was killed. The ghost of the {{OBP|Marowak|ghost|mother Marowak}} haunted the tower until {{ga|Red}}/{{ga|Green|Leaf}} was able to knock it out, setting her spirit free. The ghost Marowak that appears here cannot be caught, dodging even a [[Master Ball]]. [[Mr. Fuji]] attempted to confront the poachers, but ended up being taken hostage himself and required the help of the main character to be released. As a show of gratitude, Mr. Fuji gives the main character the [[Poké Flute]].
The wild Pokémon in the tower appear disguised as {{OBP|ghost|literal}}s, although their disguise can be revealed by using a [[Silph Scope]]. Any Pokémon who attempts to fight a ghost that has not been revealed by the [[Silph Scope]] will be "too scared to move."
A special spot on the fifth floor has been made into a wild Pokémon-free healing area. In the Generation I games, the Channeler next to it mentions it is related to white magic. This was removed in the later games.
In [[Generation I]], it is possible to exploit {{DL|List of glitches in Generation I|Ghost Marowak bypassing|a glitch}} that allows the {{player}} to skip the sequence with the [[level]] 30 {{OBP|ghost|literal}} by using a [[Poké Doll]], making it possible to progress without obtaining the [[Silph Scope]] first.
{{itemlist|X Attack|2F, northeast of staircase to 3F|LP=yes|LE=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Elixir|2F, southwest corner|LP=yes|LE=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Pearl|2F, on the easternmost tombstone against the southern wall ''(hidden)''|LP=yes|LE=yes|display={{OBPi|Pearl|item}}}}
{{Itemlist|Candy Yellow|2F, reward for defeating {{tc|Coach Trainer}} Holly|LP=yes|display={{DL|Candy|Pikachu Candy}} ×5}}
{{Itemlist|Candy Brown|2F, reward for defeating {{tc|Coach Trainer}} Holly|LE=yes|display={{DL|Candy|Eevee Candy}} ×5}}
{{Itemlist|Super Potion|4F, in the northeast corner of the floor ''(hidden)''|LP=yes|LE=yes}}
{{Itemlist|HP Up|4F, in the south area of the floor|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Great Ball|4F, in the south area of the floor|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{ball|Great}}}}
{{Itemlist|Elixer|sprite=Bag Elixir Sprite|5F, one square east and three squares south of the west staircase ''(hidden)''|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|display=[[Elixir|Elixer]]}}
{{Itemlist|Big Mushroom|5F, one square north and four squares west of {{tc|Channeler}} Ruth ''(hidden)''|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|X Accuracy|6F, southwest of the stairs to 5F|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Revive|6F, south of the stairs to 5F|LP=yes|LE=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Ultra Ball|6F, north of the stairs to 5F|LP=yes|LE=yes|display={{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]] ×3}}
{{Itemlist|Hyper Potion|6F, in the northwest corner|LP=yes|LE=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Rare Candy|6F, in the west area of the floor|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{catch/div|building|Rare Spawns}}
{{Trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Hope|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|1|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|36=アイリ|37=Airi}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Patricia|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|2|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|36=コトネ|37=Kotone}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Carly|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|1|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|36=トミコ|37=Tomiko}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Laurel|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|1|093|Haunter|♀|25|None|36=ソノコ|37=Sonoko}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Jody|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|2|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|093|Haunter|♀|25|None|36=サリ|37=SayuriSaori}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Paula|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|2|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|36=ヒイナ|37=Hiina}}
{{trainerdiv|building|After becoming Champion}}
{{trainerentry/master|VSLass Master PE.png{{!}}90px|Lass|Hazel|N/A<br/><small>[[Master Trainer]]</small>|1|131|Lapras|♀|75|NoneGrass|Solar Beam|Electric|Thunderbolt|Ghost|Confuse Ray|36=アヤナ|37=Ayana}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Ruth|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|1|093|Haunter|♀|25|None|36=ヒトエ|37=Hitoe}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Tammy|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|3|093|Haunter|♀|25|None|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|36=ミコト|37=Mikoto}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Karina|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|2|093|Haunter|♂|25|None|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|36=カヨコ|37=Kayoko}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Janae|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|4|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|36=シズル|37=Shizuru}}
{{trainerdiv|building|After becoming Champion}}
{{trainerentry/master|VSPsychic Master PE.png{{!}}90px|Psychic|Vlad|N/A<br/><small>[[Master Trainer]]</small>|1|097|Hypno|♂|75|NonePsychic|Hypnosis|Dark|Nasty Plot|Ghost|Shadow Ball|36=タツジ|37=Tatsuji}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Emilia|1,280<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|3|093|Haunter|♀|32|None|093|Haunter|♂|32|None|093|Haunter|♀|32|None|36=サワコ|37=Sawako}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Angelica|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|3|092|Gastly|♀|25|None|093|Haunter|♀|25|None|092|Gastly|♂|25|None|36=ウキエ|37=Ukie}}
{{trainerentry|VSChanneler PE.png{{!}}90px|Channeler|Jennifer|1,000<br/>3 {{balli|Poké Ball}}s|1|093|Haunter|♀|25|None|36=ヤエコ|37=Yaeko}}
{{trainerdiv|building|After becoming Champion}}
{{trainerentry/master|VSLass Master PE.png{{!}}90px|Lass|Charlotte|N/A<br/><small>[[Master Trainer]]</small>|1|026|Raichu|♀|75|NoneNormal|Headbutt|Normal|Double Team|Normal|Hyper Beam|36=マイコ|37=Maiko}}
{{trainerdiv|building|After becoming Champion}}
{{trainerentry/master|VSLass Master PE.png{{!}}90px|Lass|Emily|N/A<br/><small>[[Master Trainer]]</small>|1|070|Weepinbell|♀|70|NonePoison|Poison Jab|Poison|Sludge Bomb|Normal|Growth|36=ノリコ|37=Noriko}}
There is {{weather|fog}} here in [[Generation III]], but it has no in-battle effect. This is because fog was not used as a {{cat|game mechanics|game mechanic}} until Generation IV.
In [[Generation VII]], several changes were made to the layout. The reception desk on the ground floor has been moved to the upper-right corner, with the rest of the floor space being populated with tables and couches for visitors of the graveyard to use. The upper floors are filled with a ghostly purple mist.
{{main|Radio in the Pokémon world}}
===In the main series===
[[File:Pokémon Tower anime.png|thumb|220px|The Pokémon Tower in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
The Pokémon Tower appeared in ''[[EP023|The Tower of Terror]]''. It is depicted as a decrepit mansion rather than a graveyard as it is in the {{pkmn|games}}.
{{Ash}} visited the tower after losing his [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} against [[Sabrina]], and being advised by [[Sabrina's father]] to go to Lavender Town to catch himself a Ghost Pokémon in order to defeat Sabrina's {{t|Psychic}} Pokémon. {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} quickly got scared of the seemingly unexplainableinexplicable events happening inside of the tower, and left Ash doto hisconduct Ghosthis search alone. When he finally encountered {{TP|Sabrina|Haunter}} and {{p|Gengar}}, two of the three residents of the tower. He tried to battle them, but soon found out that they were more interested in physical comedy than battling. As their comedy routine didn't work on Ash, the ghosts got sad and sank through the floor in depression. Ash tried to dive after them, but only ended up hitting the floor, causing an old chandelier to fall on him and {{AP|Pikachu}}, killing them. Haunter then turned Ash and Pikachu into ghosts, and the two had some fun with the three ghosts, including playing some pranks with Brock and Misty, before eventually returning to their bodies. However, Haunter had enjoyed its time with Ash so much that it decided to follow him to [[Saffron City]].
Unbeknownst by Ash and {{ashfr}}, {{TRT}} had also been hiding in the tower, seeking for a chance to steal Pikachu. Their plans were foiled, however, due to breaking floors and the pranks of the Ghost Pokémon. Ash even mistook their noises in the basement for the Ghost Pokémon, and had his Pikachu and {{AP|Charmander}} attack them, eventually even throwing a [[Poké Ball]] at [[Jessie]]'s face. At the end of the episode, the Team Rocket trio was seen tied up in {{p|Gastly}}, Haunter, and Gengar's carousel, forcing them to stay with the Ghost Pokémon for a while.
===In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
[[File:Pokémon Tower EToP.png|thumb|250px|Pokémon Tower in The Electric Tale of Pikachu]]
The Pokémon Tower appeared in ''[[ET04|Haunting My Dreams]]''. It was the home to a group of {{p|Gastly}} and their leader, a {{pkmn2|giant}} {{p|Haunter}} called the [[Black Fog]]. After the Black Fog had sucked out [[Sabrina]]'s soul with its {{m|Dream Eater}} attack, {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|EToP|Ash}} led a group of {{pkmn|Trainer}}s to [[Lavender Town]], their plan being to capture the Black Fog in a giant [[Poké Ball]]. Although the capture initially seemed successful, the Black Fog escaped by using {{m|Explosion}} to destroy the capture device from the inside. This act, however, left it severely weakened and vulnerable to regular Poké Balls. With this advantage on his side, Ash chased the Black Fog into the tower and managed to corner it, attempting to catch the giant [[Pokémon category|Gas Pokémon]] with an {{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]]. However, just before the ball could make contact with the Black Fog, it used {{m|Self-Destruct}}, killing itself and collapsing the tower. With its death, Sabrina recovered and {{m|teleport}}ed to the site. It was then revealed that past people had treated the Black Fog as a god, and, having gotten used to this treatment, it had chosen to kill itself rather than be caught by a human. Ash, though, was left saddened for having wasted all of his allowance on the Ultra Ball that he had just lost.
===In the Magical Pokémon Journey manga===
[[File:Pokemon Tower MPJ.png|thumb|250px|Pokémon Tower in Magical Pokémon Journey]]
The Pokémon Tower debuted in ''[[PPPB14|Raichu's Best Friend]]''. When {{MPJ|Pikachu}} and his friend see a picture that they took, they spot a {{OBP|ghost|literal}} within the picture. Afterwards, the ghost returns and switches to her human form. The ghost turns out to be a girl named [[{{MPJ|Sandy]]}} who wants the group to do a favor for her and find her [[Sandy's Raichu|friend]]. Sandy sends the group onto the Pokémon Tower in order to find her Raichu.
Once the group enters the tower, they are bombarded by many ghosts of the deceased Pokémon within the tower.

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