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:'''''HP''' and '''Hit Points''' redirect here. For the move commonly referred to in competitive battling as "HP", see {{m|Hidden Power}}. For the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] set commonly abbreviated as "HP," see {{TCG|EX Holon Phantoms}}. For HP in the Trading Card Game, see [[Appendix:Glossary (TCG)#Hit Points|Glossary of terms]].''
:'''''Special Attack''' redirects here. For the class of [[move]] in [[Pokémon GO]], see [[Move#In Pokémon GO|Move → In Pokémon GO]].''
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===In the Mystery Dungeon series===
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In the [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series]], Pokémon have HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense, and Speed{{sup/md|SMD}}, stats, just like in the core games. However, these games also have a few stats not seen in the core games.
====Movement speedSpeed/Travel Speed====
{{main|MovementTravel speedSpeed}}
Movement speedSpeed or Travel Speed is roughly considered the Mystery Dungeon series' analogue to Speed in the core games. Movement speedIt governs the number of actions (such as moving, attacking, or using an item) a Pokémon may take in a given turn.
The Speed stat was not used in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series until {{pkmn|Super Mystery Dungeon}}, where it is used as an accuracy modifier; the higher speed a Pokémon has, the more likely it is for its moves to hit and the more likely it is to evade attacks.
The '''Belly''' (Japanese: '''{{j|おなか}}''' ''stomach'') is a hunger statistic in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. As the team leader explores a [[Mystery Dungeon|dungeon]], its Belly will diminish as turns go by, represented by a number decreasing from 100. Holding certain {{OBP|Scarf|Mystery Dungeon|scarves}} and looplets will cause the Belly to decrease more quickly. Walking one step or taking most other actions (such as attacking, using a non-linked move, or using a non-food item) takes 1/10{{sup/md|RB}}{{sup/md|TDS}}{{sup/md|GtI}}1/7{{sup/md|SMD}} belly point (by default; certain scarves and looplets increase or decrease the rate, as mentioned), using linked moves consumes 1 Belly point per move after the first, pushing other Pokémon takes a half belly point, and performing aliances[[Alliance]]s takes three belly points. Other items will cause the Belly to deplete at a much slower rate, or not deplete at all. While a Pokémon's Belly is empty, it will no longer be able to run or perform linked moves or alliancesAlliances, its passive HP regeneration will cease, and its HP will decrease by 1{{sup/md|RB}}{{sup/md|TDS}}{{sup/md|GtI}}/3{{sup/md|SMD}} with every step it takes until it either [[Fainting|faints]] or eats something.
In [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity|Gates to Infinity]], this feature was removed for most dungeons, but the mechanic returned in all dungeons in {{pkmn|Super Mystery Dungeon}}.
Belly can be replenished by eating most consumable items. When something is eaten at maximum Belly, the Pokémon's maximum Belly will increase temporarily until the dungeon is exited.
====Determination of Stats====
The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series uses lookup tables to determine statistics. Each statistic depends on the Pokémon's species (and [[List of Pokémon with form differences|form]]) and [[level]], so Pokémon with the same species and level will always have identical statistics.
====Stat modifiers====
Pokémon in [[Pokémon GO]] have '''HP''', '''Attack''', and '''Defense''' stats, as well as a derived stat, '''CP'''. Pokémon GO makes no distinction between physical or special damage like the core games do; instead, all [[List of moves in Pokémon GO|attacks]] simply use Attack and Defense to calculate damage. Of the four stats in Pokémon GO, however, only HP and CP are directly visible.
====CPConversion from the core series====
'''CP'''Each (Japanese:[[List '''{{j|CP}}'''),of orPokémon '''Combatby Power'''base stats (Japanese: '''{{ttGO)|総合的|そうごうてき}}な{{tt|強|つよ}}さ''' ''Total Power''), is a stat that roughly indicates a Pokémon's capabilitybase instats]] combat.are CP'sbased valueoff isits derivedstats from all three of the othercore stats,series. withAside Attackfrom mosta heavilyfew influencingoutliers, itssuch This{{p|Shedinja}}'s meansHP, thatbase twostats Pokémonin ofGO thecan samebe speciesapproximated withby the samefollowing CPformulas: may<ref>[ stillExplaining havethe slightlyOctober different2018 underlyingStat stats.Change]</ref>
[[File:HP conversion GO.png|x20px]]
[[File:Attack conversion GO.png|x48px]]
[[File:Defense conversion GO.png|x48px]]
[[File:SpeedMult GO.png|x45px]]
* <code>HP</code> is the HP stat from the core series
* <code>Attack</code> and <code>SpAtk</code> are the Attack and Sp. Attack stats from the core series
* <code>Defense</code> and <code>SpDef</code> are the Defense and Sp. Defense stats from the core series
* <code>Speed</code> is the Speed stat from the core series
After these calculations, if a Pokémon has a maximum CP of over 4,000, then for balancing purposes, all its base stats will be multiplied by 0.91.
====Determination of stats====
Calculating a Pokémon's stats in Pokémon GO depends on [[List of Pokémon by base stats (Pokémon GO)|its species' base stats]], its [[individual values|IVs]], and its [[Power Up]] level. Whereas the core games have many ways in which one Pokémon's stats can become different from another's, in Pokémon GO, ultimately only a Pokémon's IVs will distinguish its stats from another of the same species.
The formulas for the three basic stats are...
[[File:Stat calc GO.png|x25px]]
...where <code>base</code> and <code>IV</code> refer to the relevant base stat (HP is calculated using the base Stamina) and IV for the stat in question, and <code>lvMult</code> (CP Multiplier) is a multiplier determined by the Pokémon's current [[Power Up]] level. However, the minimum value for HP is 10. Pokémon defending a {{OBP|Gym|GO}} have twice their regular HP during battles.
* <code>base</code> refers to the relevant base stat
* <code>IV</code> refers to the IV for the stat in question
* <code>cpMult</code> is the CP multiplier, which is determined by the Pokémon's current [[Power Up]] level.
** For HP, the minimum value is 10. Pokémon defending a {{OBP|Gym|GO}} have twice their regular HP during Gym battles.
'''CP''' (Japanese: '''{{j|CP}}'''), or '''Combat Power''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|総合的|そうごうてき}}な{{tt|強|つよ}}さ''' ''Total Power''), is a stat that roughly indicates a Pokémon's capability in combat. CP's value is derived from all three of the other stats, with Attack most heavily influencing its value. This means that two Pokémon of the same species with the same CP may still have slightly different underlying stats.
The formula for CP uses the values of the stats resulting from the formula above (without rounding their results and before accounting for HP's minimum of 10):
However, like HP, the minimum value for CP is also 10. Since Attack is factored directly into the formula for CP while HP and Defense are only factored in after taking their square root, this gives Attack a greater influence on the final value of CP than the other two stats.
====Stage multipliers====
In {{OBP|Trainer Battle|GO}}s, some Charged Attacks have a chance of increasing the user's Attack and Defense stats after use. This feature was implemented February 15, 2019.
So far, only the moves {{m|Ancient Power}}, {{m|Silver Wind}}, and {{m|Ominous Wind}} have stat-boosting effects, all of which have a 10% chance of increasing both the user's Attack and Defense stats by two stages.
;For Attack and Defense
{| class="roundy" style="margin:auto; text-align:center; background: #FAFAD2; border: 3px solid #000" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3"
|+ '''Stage multipliers'''
! Stage
| -4 || -3 || -2 || -1 || 0 || +1 || +2 || +3 || +4
! Multiplier
| <sup>2</sup>/<sub>6</sub> || <sup>2</sup>/<sub>5</sub> || <sup>2</sup>/<sub>4</sub> || <sup>2</sup>/<sub>3</sub> || <sup>2</sup>/<sub>2</sub> || <sup>3</sup>/<sub>2</sub> || <sup>4</sup>/<sub>2</sub> || <sup>5</sup>/<sub>2</sub> || <sup>6</sup>/<sub>2</sub>
===In Pokémon: Magikarp Jump===
===In the {{series|XY}}===
As of the {{series|XY}}, Pokémon will occasionally glow red after their attack strength has changed, as exhibited by [[Korrina's Lucario]] in ''[[XY030|Mega Revelations!]]'', or blue after their defensive strength has been changed, as shown by [[Alain]]'s [[Mega Evolution|Mega]] {{TP|Alain|Charizard}} X in ''[[SS031|Mega Evolution Special II]]'', [[Ramos]]'s {{p|Jumpluff}} in ''[[XY058|The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!]]'', and {{Ash}}'s {{AP|Pikachu}} in ''[[XY128|A Riveting Rivalry!]]''.
===In the {{series|Sun & Moon}}===
The {{series|Sun & Moon}} generally retains the added visual aids from the ''XY'' series, as seen as when [[Kiawe's Turtonator]] used {{m|Shell Smash}} in ''[[SM034|A Crowning Moment of Truth!]]''. However, in ''[[SM104|That's Some Spicy Island Research!]]'', [[Hapu]]'s {{p|Mudsdale}} glowed red while increasing its defense with {{a|Stamina}}.
! style="background:#{{alola color}}; {{roundybottom|10px}}" | {{color2|FFF|Pokémon Sun and Moon|SM}}
! style="background:#{{alola color}}; {{roundybottom|10px}}" | {{color2|FFF|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|USUM}}
| style="background:#FFF; {{roundytop|10px}}" | [[File:LGPE status screen.png|200px]]
! style="background:#{{kanto color}}; {{roundybottom|10px}}" | {{color2|FFF|Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!|LGPE}}
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