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Act two opens with a [[baseball]] scene. Soon enough, the play descends into a mismatch of themes and multiple acts starring [[Ultra Beast]]s, {{tc|Police Officer}}s, shadows, and Alolan Detective [[Laki]], but the crowd loves it.
Eventually the play reaches its final scene where LillieLiliel seeks the power of the moon from Lunala. Jessie spins around while rose petals are blown around her to create a mystical and enchanting performance. Meowth suddenly loses grip of the rope holding Jessie, but thankfully {{an|Bewear}} appears and stops her from falling. After Jessie bestows the moon's power onto Liliel and declares that she must now return to the moon, Bewear tugs on the rope and sends her flying out of the school's concert hall. Bewear then scoops up James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet in her arms before jumping out of the building. She soon reaches Jessie mid-air before leaping into the distance. Despite Jessie's sudden exit, the play goes on and Liliel declares that Alola has been saved and peace has been restored. As the applause and cheers grow louder, the students and their Pokémon assemble onstage and thank the audience.
==Major events==

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