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User:Michail2003/Team Rocket mottos in Russian

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Commonly the words after {{tt|Готовьтесь к беде|Gotov'tyes' k byedye}} (Prepare for trouble) are altered to situation with next line changed completely to be rhymed. Sometimes Meowth's last line was changed to {{tt|Всем боятся|Vsyem boyatsya}} (Be afraid everyone).
====First version====
The original motto was translated by Kyivan Pilot Studio. The motto was debuted in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]'' and was used up until the end of broadcasting on Channel 1 in 2003. It was translated from Polish, not directly from English.
Gonna destoy it
By all means
===[[Diamond & Pearl series]]===
====First version====
The first version was translated by TNT and debuted in ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]''. It was used only for the one season.
! Russian
! Transcription
! English
|- style="background:#FFF"
Внимание, я голос слышу
Он говорит со мною свыше
Его ветер несет
Мимо звезд
Нельзя ли потише?
Он хаос вносит стремительно
Убивая надежды решительно
Ведь роза любая собой хороша
Если ужас кругом веселиться душа
И Джеймс
Мяут меня зовут
Всем добрячкам по шее дадут
Команды Рокета
Враги падут
Vnimaniye, ya golos slishoo
On govorit so mnoyoo svishye
Yego vyetyer nyesyet
Mimo zvyezd
Nyel'zya li potishye?
On haos vnosit stryemityel'no
Oobivaya nadyezhdi ryeshityel'no
Vyed' roza lyoobaya soboy horosha
Yesli oozhas kroogom vyesyelit'sya doosha
I Jyeyms
Myaoot myenya zovoot
Vsyem dobryachkam po shyeye dadoot
Komandi Rokyeta
Vragi padoot
Attention, I can hear the voice
It is speaking to me from above
It is carried by the wind
Past the stars
Can't you keep it quiet?
It brings chaos swiftly
Killing hopes decisively
After all, any rose is good by itself
When chaos around, the soul is rejoicing
And James
Meowth is my name
All the goodies' necks gonna hit
Team Rokyeta's
Enemies gonna fall

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