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Rick (M21)

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[[File:Rick M21.png|thumb|left|250px|Rick]]
WhenRick is first seen in hospital with an injured leg when [[Risa]] visitedcomes to visit him. inRick was sad that he wasn't able to visit the hospital,[[Wind RickFestival]] and begged her to help {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} him a Pokémon, despite her knowing little about them.
Rick later contacted Risa as she ran to [[Fula City]] with the holy light and was able to find her a quicker route to get the holy light to where it needed to be.
Risa later visited Rick in hospital and discovered that he was the PokéranChannel host which was how he was able to know where she was.
Rick is shown to be close to his sister, as seen by the way Risa visits him in hospital. Their closeness is shown when Risa agreed to go and catch him a Pokémon.
==Voice actors==

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