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List of items by index number (Generation VI)

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{{hexlist|Jade Orb|0214|532|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Lock Capsule|0215|533|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Red Orb|0216|534|5=XY|6=Red Orb IV|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Red Orb|0216|534|5=ORAS|6=Red Orb VI|7=Items}}
{{hexlist|Blue Orb|0217|535|5=XY|6=Blue Orb IV|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Blue Orb|0217|535|5=ORAS|6=Blue Orb VI|7=Items}}
{{hexlist|Enigma Stone|0218|536|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Prism Scale|0219|537|yes|7=Items}}

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