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At the [[Battle Royal Dome]], {{an|Professor Kukui|the Masked Royal}} and his {{p|Incineroar}} are participating in a [[Battle Royal]], their opponent is [[Mr. Electric]] and his {{p|Electivire}}, and the hosts are {{TRT}}. Meanwhile, at Professor Kukui's house, {{Ash}}, his {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, and [[Professor Burnet]] watch the match on the TV. Incineroar easily fends off Electivire, but then, Mr. Electric grabs Incineroar's leg, restraining it. Ash, not liking Mr. Electric's cheating, asks who he is and {{Rotom}} replies that Mr. Electric is part of a group known as the [[Revengers]]. Meanwhile, at Sophocles's house, {{an|Sophocles}} explains to [[Sophocles's parents|his father]] who the Revengers are, and at {{an|Kiawe}}'s house, Kiawe and [[Mimo]] are also watching as the former states that Mr. Electric's cheating just gives him more reason to cheer for Masked Royal. At {{an|Lillie}}'s mansion, Lillie is watching the match with [[Hobbes]] and cheers for Incineroar, when she suddenly notices {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Mallow}} in the audience.
Back with the match, Incineroar manages to free its leg in time to knock Electivire away. As Incineroar is ready to attack, it is suddenly hit by a ball of fire from a {{p|Magmortar}}, who is owned by [[Mad Magma]], another member of the Revengers. Due to Magmortar's interference, Mr. Electric and Electivire are disqualified, but Ash isn't satisfied, knowing that the Masked Royal won't accept that kind of win. Mad Magma then challenges Masked Royal to a Single Battle the next day for the title of strongest fighter and Masked Royal accepts. Team Rocket are amazed at Mad Magma's audacity of interfering with a match in order to declare a challenge. Later, Masked Royal returns to the changing rooms and removes his mask as he comments about tomorrow. That night, when Kukui returns home, he is greeted by Ash and Burnet performing the Masked Royal's pose. Burnet informs Kukui that she plans on going to the Battle Royal Dome to watch tomorrow's match, much to his surprise. She becomes suspicious and asks him if he has plans tomorrow, which Kukui nervously replies that he doesn't have any.

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