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Following lunch, Ash practices with Pikachu while assisted by Nina and her Raichu demonstrating. Nearby, {{TRT}} are relaxing on the beach when they see Nina's Raichu, prompting [[James]] to look up its information. While Raichu easily finishes the practice run, Pikachu is worn out from its efforts, but manages to keep its stack intact. As Nina and Ash discuss the upcoming race, the Team Rocket trio overhear this and recognize Nina and the race from a copy of the publicity poster they picked up. After learning that the winner of the race gets a year's supply of unlimited Alolan pancakes, [[Jessie]] becomes determined to enter and win.
The next day, an announcer named {{al|Anna}} broadcasts the race throughout the islands, explaining the rules and racecourse, which is divided into three segments. Trainers will race with their stacks in the first leg while going over several obstacles, then rejoin their Pokémon in the second and pull them along using wagons, before leaving them behind in the third segment where the Pokémon will race alone. In addition to those who drop their pancakes, Pokémon who use attacks to disrupt their opponents will also be disqualified. {{ashfr|Ash's classmates}} all discuss the event, certain of their own victory, as {{an|Lillie}} cheers them on from the stands. Identified as the previous champion, Nina is briefly interviewed; she comments that she wants to have fun and stay safe, so winning isn't a priority for her.
As the race begins, the Trainers all rush ahead, ending up coming across a section of balance beams they have to walk over. Many of them end up falling off, including {{an|Sophocles}}, disqualifying them from the race. Sophocles is briefly startled by a group of Alolan {{p|Muk}} assigned to eat up the fallen pancakes and keep the course clean. The other competitors make it to the second part of the race with Ash, Nina and Jessie among those in the lead, but Jessie is frequently distracted by {{TP|Jessie|Mimikyu}} trying to attack Pikachu due to its grudge. From the stands, Rotom notices that [[Samson Oak]] is racing with a {{p|Komala}} and brings up its information. James wheels along a Bewear, revealed to be {{MTR}} and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} riding in a robot so they can speed along in the final leg; frustrated from his payload, James insinuates that Meowth and Wobbuffet have been putting on weight after living the good life in {{an|Bewear}}'s den. {{an|Kiawe}} discovers that {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} is far too heavy to pull along on its wagon; after collapsing, Kiawe laments that he and his partner aren't meant for Pokémon pancake racing. Left behind with the other Pokémon whose Trainers have been eliminated, {{TP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}} is unhappy with Sophocles as he catches up to it and attacks Sophocles for his failure.

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