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Submerged Cave

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|name=Submerged Cave
|jtrans=UnderseaUnderwater Cave
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'''Submerged Cave''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|海中洞窟|かいちゅうどうくつ}}''' ''UnderseaUnderwater Cave'') is a [[Mystery Dungeon|dungeon]] in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]] that is located near the [[Air Continent]]. It sits underwater, directly above the [[Prehistoric Ruins]]. It is unlocked after encountering {{mdc|Beheeyem|smd}} in [[Lively Town]], after the {{player}} escapes from the [[Voidlands]].
On the first visit, Beheeyem accompanies the player and their partner on their way to the Prehistoric Ruins after most of the Pokémon of the world have been turned to stone.
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==In other languages==
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|fr=Caverne Sous-Marine
|it=Grotta Sottomarina
|es=Caverna Submarina

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