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* This is one of the few episodes (if not the first) to feature a town map with high detail.
* This is also one of the few episodes to feature Team Rocket{{TRT}} reciting their motto off screen.
* The dub title is a pun on the word "intergalactic.".
* As [[Team Galactic]] mademakes their escape, [[Saturn]] mentionedmentions the [[Red Chain]] and that their next mission will be at one of the three lakes.
* [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia]]: [[Ash's Buizel]]
* Music from ''[[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]]'' is used in some parts of this episode.
* When {{Ash}} mentions the events of ''[[DP060|Journey to the Unown!]]'', he says they{{ashfr|the weregroup}} was at [[Eterna City]] when really they were actually at [[Solaceon Town]].
** However, he may have been referring to ''[[DP036|A Secret Sphere of Influence!]]'', when Team Rocket stole the [[Adamant Orb]] from the [[Eterna Historical Museum]] for Team Galactic.
* When Ash mentions seeing Team Galactic, the flashback displayed wasis of what Team Rocket saw, and not him.
* Despite Team Galactic sending 36 [[Poké BallsBall]]s into the air, only 15fifteen {{p|Golbat}} appear.
* [[Officer Jenny]] says that they managed to get all of the meteors back despite the group only saving two.
* When the Team Rocket trio talks about stealing the meteorites, the sound of {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} popping out of its Poké Ball is heard, even though Wobbuffet was already outside it.
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