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List of event Pokémon
==List of event Pokémon==
===Ultra Spooky Cup Mimikyu===
[ This] {{Shiny}} {{p|Mimikyu}} will be available via a serial code to players who completed at least three battles during the Ultra Spooky Cup (Japanese: トリックホリック ''Trick Holic'') competition on the [[Pokémon Global Link]]. The competition will be held from October 26 to 28, 2018. <!--A list of eligible players was posted on the Pokémon Global Link on ???. Qualifying players who logged into their Pokémon Global Link account starting on ??? received a personal notification containing a serial code. The serial codes could be used to obtain Mimikyu in any region [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]] from ??? to ???.-->
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{{G7event/entrybottom|usum|serial code|all|online|TBA}}
===Fula City Zeraora===
{{bulbanews|Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder TCG expansion, Zeraora distribution announced}}

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