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Ash decides it is the perfect time for him and his Pokémon to get some quick training done before the battle against Paul. Then, a strong wind suddenly appears. However, it is not a wind, but Team Rocket with a new suction machine attached to their balloon that sucks up everyone's Pokémon, besides {{AP|Grotle}} and {{TP|Dawn|Mamoswine}}. The gang demands their Pokémon back, but Jessie refuses. Team Rocket prepares to make their getaway when the driver notices what is happening and has Ampharos use {{m|Signal Beam}} on the balloon. This allows most of the Pokémon to escape, but {{AP|Pikachu}}, {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}, and {{TP|Brock|Happiny}} get caught in a net. Ampharos jumps up to the net while the driver commands it to destroy the remote control. However, it doesn't work, and Ampharos only creates a hole in the balloon, sending them all flying away together with Team Rocket.
At the end of the disused line, Looker finds a warehouse and heads inside. Meanwhile, Ampharos is able to use {{m|ThunderPunchThunder Punch}} on the net, freeing the three Pokémon while Team Rocket and the balloon fall to the ground, knocking them out. Ash has {{AP|Staraptor}} look for the missing Pokémon, while Pikachu and the others arrive at a junction. They immediately encounter an angry flock of {{p|Fearow}}, which pursues them. Soon, all four come to a cliff and have no choice but to jump in order to escape. Meanwhile, the assistant receives a call from the driver, learning that the Pokémon had been stolen by Team Rocket.
Continuing the search for their Trainers, the Pokémon find a big boulder blocking the way. Pikachu and Ampharos are unable move to it. Piplup tries to use his {{m|Bubble Beam}} and {{m|Whirlpool}} to move the boulder, without any success. Happiny ultimately uses her strength to move it. Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, Looker realizes the disused track leads directly to Lake Acuity. Taking out his goggles, he finds footprints on the floor and a piece of paper.

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