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The episode is a continuation of the [[Club Battle]] Tournament in [[Nimbasa Town]]. The episode starts with {{Ash}} and his {{AP|his Palpitoad|Palpitoad}} continue battling against [[Dino]]'s {{p|Darumaka}} in the [[Club Battle]] Tournament in [[Nimbasa Town]]. Ash commands his Palpitoad to use {{m|Hydro Pump}}, defeating Darumaka and taking Ash into the finals.
Immediately afterwards is the battle between [[Luke]] and {{an|Iris}}. Luke looks over to find {{an|Bianca}} filming his {{TP|Luke|Zorua}} when he had asked her to film his battle. He turn turns his attention back to the battle and sends out his {{p|Golett}} while Iris confidently sends {{TP|Iris|Axew}} into battle. Iris commands Axew to use {{m|Scratch}}. However, Golett took no damage due to its {{t|Ghost}} type, making {{type|Normal}} attacks useless. Golett counterattacks by using {{m|Mega Punch}}, landing a direct hit. Axew then tries to attack with {{m|Dragon Rage}}, while Golett uses {{m|Double Team}}, causing Dragon Rage to miss its mark. Luke commands his Pokémon to use {{m|Gyro Ball}} while its two other copies do the same. Axew manages to keep an eye on the upcoming attacks until two of them spin in opposite directions, making Axew confused. The three attacks hit the Tusk Pokémon at the same time but Axew is still standing. Iris sees an opportunity to attack and commands Axew to use Dragon Rage again. Luke tells Golett to use {{m|Shadow Ball}}, as its copies disappear and it forms a dark, purple ball in its hands. Golett throws it towards Axew as the two attacks collide into each other and a giant explosion is created.



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