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In the Pokémon Zensho manga
===In the Pokémon Zensho manga===
[[File:Bill Zensho.png|thumb|180px|Bill in Pokémon Zensho]]
Bill appearsappeared in ''[[PZ04|Vermilion City]]''. whereHe hehad transformedgotten intofused awith his {{p|Nidoran♂}}. by accident and was briefly {{Zenshopkmn2|Satoshicaught}} comes by and{{zensho|Satoshi}} mistakeswhile himchecking forhis anmail. actualHowever, Nidoran.upon Hefinding endsout upwhat catchinghad himhappened, andSatoshi helped separate Bill tellsfrom Satoshihis thatPokémon. theAs Nidorana issign him.of Hegratitude, thenBill haslet Satoshi placeadd himthe in{{p|Eevee}} a[[Eeveelution|family]]'s machinedata thatfrom willhis separatecomputer to his human[[Pokédex]], selfas fromwell hisas Pokémongiving selfhim a [[S.S. Ticket|ticket]] to the [[S.S. Anne]].
|epname=Vermilion City
|desc=Prior to Satoshi's arrival, Bill ends up being merged into the {{p|Nidoran♂|male Nidoran}} is Bill's bodyonly in aknown Pokémon, transporter.which Ashe soonaccidentally asgot Satoshifused showswith up,during hea endstest upwith catchinghis Nidoran♂machine. butUpon releasesseeing it, afterSatoshi findingcaught outNidoran♂, thatbut itlater washelped aBill human. Nidoran♂ got separatesseparate from Billit after tellingfinding Satoshiout howwhat to use the transporter to separate Bill from the Nidoran'shad bodyhappened.
None of Nidoran♂ moves are known.}}

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