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When Abilities were introduced in [[Generation III]], some Pokémon only had one possible Ability. A number of these species were given a second Ability in a later generation. If a Pokémon whose species gained an Ability after Generation III is transferred to Generations IV or {{gen|V}}, it will initially retain its original Ability; upon evolving, however, its Ability slot will be recalculated and its Ability may change. When a Pokémon is transferred to Generation VI or [[Generation VII]], however, it will be locked into the appropriate slot for its current Ability.
Aside from in-battle effects, some Abilities also have effects {{cat|Abilities with field effects|outside of battle}}. In battle, a Pokémon's Ability can be affected by certain Abilities or moves, such as {{cat|Ability-changing Abilities}}, {{cat|moves that affect Abilities}}, {{cat|Abilities that ignore other Abilities}}, and {{cat|moves that ignore the target's Ability}}.
==={{anchor|Hidden Ability|Hidden Abilities}}===
* In Generation VII, Pokémon that appear as the tenth or later Pokémon in an [[SOS Battle]] have a chance of having their Hidden Ability, which increases as the chain lengthens.
* All Pokémon transferred from the [[Virtual Console]] releases of the [[Generation I]] or [[Generation II]] games via [[Poké Transporter]] have their Hidden Ability.
* In {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, some {{pkmn2|Totem}}-like Pokémon have their Hidden Ability. This is to ensure the Totem Pokémon in question has only one possible Ability upon being received.
** Totem-like {{p|Gumshoos}}, {{alo|Marowak}}, and {{p|Ribombee}} in Ultra Sun.
** Totem-like {{alo|Raticate}}, {{p|Togedemaru}}, and {{p|Kommo-o}} in Ultra Moon.
Starting in {{2v2|Black|White}}, female Pokémon with [[Ability#Hidden Abilities|Hidden Abilities]] have a 60% chance of passing on the Hidden Ability to their offspring when bred with a male Pokémon from the same [[Egg Group]]. In Generation VI, this was extended so that male and genderless Pokémon with a Hidden Ability can also pass it down if they are bred with Ditto. The chance of the offspring having either non-Hidden Ability is 20% each.
Starting in {{2v2|Black|White|2}}, there is an 80% chance that the offspring's Ability slot ofis the femalesame willas beits passedmother's toif the babymother whenwas bred with a male Pokémon from the same Egg Group. Starting in Generation VI, this chance is generically applied to any non-Ditto parent.
==List of Abilities==
In ''[[AG111|Eight Ain't Enough]]'', {{DL|Juan|Luvdisc|Juan's Luvdisc}} used {{a|Swift Swim}} to increase its speed.
In ''[[AG112|Showdown At Linoone]]'', a {{DL|Kimmy Shoney|Tokin|Kimmy's Tokin}} has the Abilityused {{a|Pickup}} to steal and takestake items to its private stash, including {{an|May}}'s Poké Balls.
In ''[[AG131|At the End of the Fray]]'', {{DL|Tyson (Hoenn)|Hariyama|Tyson's Hariyama}} used {{a|Thick Fat}} to half the damage it took from [[Ash's Torkoal]]'s {{m|Flamethrower}}.
An {{p|Arceus}} used {{a|Multitype}} in ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]''.
In ''[[DP141|Challenging a Towering Figure!]]'', {{DL|Tower Tycoon Palmer|Rhyperior|Palmer's Rhyperior}} used {{a|Solid Rock}}.
A wild {{p|Trapinch}} used its {{a|Arena Trap}} Ability in ''[[DP145|A Rivalry to Gible On!]]''.
[[Jessie's Mimikyu]] used the ability [[Disguise]] frequently during battles in the series to absorb damage from the first blow taken, first seen in ''[[SM003|Loading the Dex!]]''.
[[File:Nanu Krookodile Intimidate.png|thumb|250px|[[Nanu]]'s {{p|Krookodile}} activating {{a|Intimidate}}]]
A wild {{p|Palossand}} activated its Ability {{a|Water Compaction}} in ''[[SM022|A Shivering Shovel Search!]]'' when it was hit by {{OPan|Lana}}'s {{p|Popplio}}'s {{m|Bubble Beam}}, allowing it to repair the damage done to its body by the attack.
[[DJ Leo]]'s [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{palo|Dugtrio}} used its special ability {{a|Tangling Hair}} in ''[[SM023|Getting the Band Back Together!]]'' where it was able to grab and bind [[Jessie's Mimikyu]] and [[James's Mareanie]].
{{an|[[Gladion}}'s {{p|Silvally}}]] activated {{a|RKS System}} in ''[[SM049|Mission: Total Recall!]]'', changing into a {{typet|Dark}} type with the [[Dark Memory]].
[[Lusamine]]'s {{p|Clefable}}]] activated {{a|Magic Guard}} in ''[[SM054|10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!]]'' to cross a field of poison without taking damage.
[[Nanu]]'s {{p|Krookodile}} activated {{a|Intimidate}} in both of its battles against {{Ash}}'s {{AP|Lycanroc}} in ''[[SM074|Tough Guy Trials!]]'' and ''[[SM077|Guiding an Awakening!]]''.
[[Hapu]]'s {{p|Mudsdale}} activated {{a|Stamina}} in its battle against [[Tupp]], [[Rapp]], and [[Zipp]] in ''[[SM104|That's Some Spicy Island Research!]]''.
[[Guzma]]'s {{p|Golisopod}} activated {{a|Emergency Exit}} in its battle against Ash's Pikachu in [[SM115]].
==In the TCG==
{{main|Ability (TCG)}}
Abilities under the name of Abilities did not appear in the {{pkmn|Trading Card Game}} until the {{TCG|Black & White}} expansion kicking off [[Generation V]]. However, this was merely a renaming of the longstanding [[Pokémon Power]]s. Pokémon Powers were very similar to Abilities, but were introduced much earlier, appearing in the very first {{TCG|Base Set}} during [[Generation I]]. In fact, some Abilities from the games originally appeared as Pokémon Powers.
Parallel to their introduction in [[Generation III]] of the video games, Abilities were first introduced in the ''Ruby & Sapphire'' chapter of [[Pokémon Adventures]].
During {{adv|Sapphire}}'s battle with [[Roxanne]] in ''[[PS190|Blowing Past Nosepass I]]'', [[Roxanne's Nosepass]] proved superior to [[Rono]]. Worried that Rono would be defeated, {{adv|Sapphire}} attempted to switch Rono out for [[Chic]] but was unable to. Roxanne explained that because her {{p|Nosepass}} has {{a|Magnet Pull}}, {{ttype|Steel}}-type Pokémon cannot switch out.
{{adv|Ruby}}'s first encounter with Abilities arrived in ''[[PS193|Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt II]]'' when he and [[Mr. Briney]] were attacked by a wild {{p|Crawdaunt}}. [[Peeko]] tried to defeat it with {{m|Quick Attack}}, but the Crawdaunt's {{a|Shell Armor}} prevented it from doing much damage at all. After Mr. Briney fell unconscious, Ruby had [[Kiki]] use {{m|Double-Edge}} and infatuate Crawdaunt with its Ability {{a|Cute Charm}}.
Sapphire later struggled against a potent counter Ability when she faced [[Brawly]] in ''[[PS195|Mashing Makuhita]]''. After Rono was quickly defeated by [[Brawly's Makuhita]], Chic used {{m|Flamethrower}} against {{p|Makuhita}}, but it had little effect due to its {{a|Thick Fat}}.
While on their way to [[Slateport City]], Ruby and Sapphire were attacked by {{FB|Magma Admin|Courtney}} and [[Tabitha]] at the [[Abandoned Ship]] during ''[[PS199|Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun II]]''. They escaped with the help of a wild {{pTP|Ruby|Plusle}} and {{pTP|Sapphire|Minun}} after Ruby realized that their complimentary Abilities {{a|Plus}} and {{a|Minus}} greatly amplified their power when they fought together.
After [[Wattson]] is captured by the [[New Mauville]] generator, Sapphire devised a double battle strategy using his {{TP|Wattson|Electrike}} in ''[[PS205|Plugging Past Electrike II]]''. While Electrike did not have the moves to defeat the generator itself, and the wild {{p|Donphan}} that Wattson and the [[Trick Master]] had originally intended to capture would be quickly eradicated by its powerful attacks, Electrike's Ability {{a|Lightning Rod}} would allow it to redirect the bolt away from Donphan, buying Donphan enough time to destroy the generator with {{m|Rollout}}.
===={{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}====
[[File:Aero Rock Head.png|thumb|200px|{{adv|Red}}'s [[Aero]] activating {{a|Rock Head}} in Pokémon Adventures]]
{{adv|Red}}'s [[AeroGyara]] activated {{a|Rock HeadIntimidate}} whileat usingthe start of Red and {{madv|Take DownBlue}}'s battle in ''[[PS274PS273|DoubleRed Dealingand withBlue Make Purple DeoxysOpponents]]''. In the same chapter, {{adv|Blue}}'s {{p|Rhydon}} activated {{a|Lightning Rod}}.
Red's [[Aero]] activated {{a|Rock Head}} while using {{m|Take Down}} in ''[[PS274|Double Dealing with Deoxys]]''. In the same chapter, [[Blue's Rhydon]] activated {{a|Lightning Rod}}.
Red's [[Poli]] activated {{a|Damp}} in ''[[PS278|Put Your Beast Foot Forward]]''. It was {{m|Skill Swap}}ped by {{DL|Deoxys (Adventures)|Organism No. 2}} in ''[[PS301|Storming the Forretress]]''.
The {{DLgdis|Battle Frontier (Generation Factory|III)|Battle Factory}}'s {{p|Golem}} was revealed to have {{a|Rock Head}} in ''[[PS306|Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming]]''.
{{adv|Emerald}}'s borrowed {{p|Phanpy}} had {{a|Pickup}} in ''[[PS311|A Dust-Up With Dusclops]]''.
[[Cyrus]]'s {{p|Magnezone}} had {{a|Magnet Pull}} in ''[[PS369|Problematic Probopass and Mad Magnezone II]]''.
[[File:Cyrus Magnezone Magnet Pull Adventures.png|thumb|200px|[[Cyrus]]'s {{p|Magnezone}} activating {{a|Magnet Pull}} in Pokémon Adventures]]
Diamond's {{p|Lickilicky|[[Kit}}]] was revealed to have {{a|Own Tempo}} as its Ability in ''[[PS392|Well Met, Weepinbell]]'' but couldn't activate it since {{adv|Sebastian}}'s {{p|Weepinbell}} cancelled it out with {{m|Gastro Acid}}.
[[Platinum's Lopunny]] used her {{a|Cute Charm}} Ability in ''[[PS420|Getting the Drop on Gallade II]]'' to help her defeat a{{FB|Castle Valet|Darach}}'s {{p|Gallade}}.
A {{p|Tyranitar}} belonging to the {{gdis|Battle Factory|IV}} had {{a|Sand Stream}} in ''[[PS428|Outlasting Ledian]]''.
[[Diamond's Rotom]] was confirmed to have {{a|Levitate}} in ''[[PS430|Unplugging Rotom (Heat, Wash, Mow, Fan, Frost)]]''.
In ''[[PAXY24|Pyroar Breathes]]'', X's {{p|Manectric}}, [[Élec]], used his {{a|Lightning Rod}} Ability to drain [[Lysandre]]'s machine's energy.
===={{chap|Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon}}====
{{adv|Sun}}'s {{p|Wishiwashi}}, BahtQuarter, activated its {{a|Schooling}} Ability in ''[[PASM10|Defeat and the Commander of the School of Fish]]''.
{{adv|Sun}}'s {{p|Mimikyu}}, Franc, activated its {{a|Disguise}} Ability in [[PASM16]].
* The unused Ability {{a|Cacophony}} was included in the coding for third-generation games as Ability #076 ({{a|Air Lock}} was #077). From the fourth generation, Cacophony was removed and Air Lock was renumbered as #076, with the new Abilities positioned from #077 onward.
* [[Generation III]] introduced the most Abilities, with 76. [[Generation VI]] introduced the fewest, with 27.
* In Generation III, there is an unused Ability placeholder labeled as "-------" with the description "No special ability".
==In other languages==
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