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The episode begins withAs {{Ash}} and his{{ashfr}} friendsare walking by a lake., {{an|Dawn}} admires her new Ribbon and Ash is excited for his [[DP083|next Gym Battle]]. A {{p|Yanma}} flies by and lands on Dawn's head. It flies over to Ash's head and Dawn checks it on her [[Pokédex]]. Yanma flies over to {{an|Brock}}'s head and lands briefly before flying away. A Trainer named [[Tyler]] comes running and asks the gang if they'd seen a Yanma. Ash tells him it went across the lake and Tyler starts running. Ash and his friends decide to follow him.
Tyler catches up with the Yanma and sends out Pippy, his [[gender|female]] {{p|Piplup}}. Pippy uses {{m|Peck}} but Yanma dodges. Ash and his friends arrive and the Yanma uses {{m|Sonic Boom}}. Pippy is knocked backwards but gets up and uses {{m|Pound}}. Yanma dodges and uses {{m|Wing Attack}}. Pippy is knocked down and Yanma flies away. Tyler falls on his knees after his failure at catching the Yanma and Pippy feels the same way.

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