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|hometown=[[Goldenrod City]]
|relatives=Unnamed mother, father, two sisters, nephew, [[Bill's grandfather|grandpagrandfather]], wife{{tt|*|Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga}}
|trainerclass={{tc|Poké Maniac}}, [[Pokémon Storage System|Storage System developer]]
===[[Generation II]]===
In {{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}, Bill is visiting his family in [[Goldenrod City]]. After he gets the [[Time Capsule]] up and running in [[Ecruteak City]], players can visit him at his parents' house in Goldenrod and receive an {{p|Eevee}}. His sister will give the player Bill's number so they can check the storage system. In {{game|Crystal}}, his father is introduced as the [[Move Tutor#Generation_II_Move_TutorsGeneration II Move Tutors|Move Tutor]], a deadbeat former [[Pokémaniac]] who spends his time gambling.
===[[Generation III]]===

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