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Best Wishes series

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* Its first Japanese opening theme, {{so|Best Wishes!}}, is currently the longest running opening theme which hasn't been re-mixed.
* This is the first series in which all episodes that were originally aired in Japan were dubbed. Previously, the {{series|original}} had four [[banned episodes]] ([[EP018]], [[EP035]], [[EP038]], [[EP250]]) and the {{series|Advanced Generation}} and the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} dubs each skipped recap episodes ([[AG120]], [[DP048]], [[DP120]]). There were two unaired episodes in the ''Best Wishes'' series (intended to be {{OBP|BW023|unaired}} and {{OBP|BW024|unaired}}), but they were also unaired in Japan.
* ''[[BW097|Unova's Survival Crisis!]]'', the last appearance of {{an|Meloetta}}, aired in Japan during the same week that Meloetta's debut, ''[[BW082|An Epic Defense Force!]]'', aired in the United States.
** Similarly, ''[[BW122|What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!]]'', the final episode of ''Season 2: Episode N'', aired in Japan during the same week that ''[[BW109|New Places... Familiar Faces!]]'', the first episode of Episode N, aired in the United States.
* This is the only series in which:

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