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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive in a small town and attempt to find a [[Pokémon Center]]. {{an|Brock}} develops a crush on a local woman, likebut nearly{{an|Misty}} everypulls otherhim woman,away. butBrock later goes to a park in order to fill up a pot with water. A {{anp|MistyNidorina}} comes by for a drink, followed by a frantic girl, who trips and nearly falls into the fountain. However, Brock catches her before she falls in, causing her to fall in love with him instantly. Brock is confused and intimidated by the stranger's sudden affection. Misty notices this and pulls him awayout to have a little talk with him. She finds out that Brock has no actual dating experience and has no idea what to do. Coming back, the girl invites them to her house, where [[Temacu's father|her father]] is also waiting. She also introduces herself as [[Temacu]].
Brock is later at a park filling up a pot with water. A {{p|Nidorina}} comes by for a drink, followed close behind by a frantic girl, who trips and nearly falls into the fountain. However, Brock catches her before she falls in. As the girl looks up at her protector, she falls in love with Brock instantly. Brock is confused and intimidated by the stranger's sudden affection, which Misty notices. Brock is still left speechless, so Misty pulls him out to have a little talk about the situation, where she finds out that Brock has no actual dating experience and has no idea what to do. Coming back, the girl invites them to her house, where her {{TP|Temacu|father}} is also waiting. She formally introduces herself as [[Temacu]]. It seems like Temacu is the daughter of a local [[Pokémon Professor]]. She invites them to stay for dinner and some [[tea]], and Misty again goes and has a conversation with Brock. Temacu takes them for a walk around her house, talking about her Nidorina, {{p|Nidorino}}, and some of the family's other Pokémon. That'sJust whenthen, {{TRT}} stormsarrives inand to get a steal. They catch thecaptures Nidorina, Nidorino, {{AP|Pikachu}}, and the other Pokémon. Ash sends out {{AP|Totodile}} to try to free them and [[Jessie]] attempts to counterattack with {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}. The match ends in one hit, Totodile winning. [[James]] sends out {{TP|James|Weezing}} to use {{m|Smokescreen}}, and they try to take off. Everyone tries to find the three, andwhile Temacu tries to find Brock and ends up getting caught in some rope. Misty sends out {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} to use {{m|Bubble}} to get rid of the smoke. Surprisingly, the stolen Pokémon are there, but Temacu and Team Rocket are gone. Meanwhile, Jessie and James realize they actually kidnapped Temacu. Temacu loses her balance and falls, but James catches her in time. This causes Temacu to fall in love with James the same way she did for Brock. James is goneintimidated by her affections and Jessie suggests abandoning her, but they then realize that Temacu is a daughter of a Pokémon Professor, meaning the trio may have a chance to steal some more Pokémon.
JessieTemacu's andfather Jamessends pullout upa thesearch ropeparty to seea theirnearby capturesforest, onlyconsisting toof finda nothalf-dozen apeople Pokémonalong with Ash, butMisty, Temacuand Brock. TemacuAsh losescalls herout balance{{AP|Noctowl}} andto falls,do butan Jamesaerial catchessearch; herit soon finds [[Transportation in timethe Pokémon world|Team Rocket's balloon]] hovering around and reports back. ThisMeanwhile, causesa disguised Jessie and James return Temacu to fallher infather, loveand withJessie Jamesclaims the sametrio waydefeated shethe didreal forkidnappers Brockto save Temacu. JamesJessie isand putMeowth then sneak off andto Jessiefind saysthe Pokémon they shouldaccidentally abandonleft herbehind, butand Temacu,soon beingdiscover a daughterroom ofwith a Pokémonshelf full of [[Poké Ball]]s. ProfessorHowever, meansTemacu's Teamfather Rocketinterrupts, maytelling havethem that Temacu cooked them a chancemeal, which Jessie and Meowth accept. James is already in the dining room, having no idea how to stealdeal somewith PokémonTemacu's affection for him.
Temacu'sAsh fatherfinds sendsthe aballoon searchand partyhas toNoctowl put a nearbyhole forestin it, consistingbut offinds that it is a halfdecoy. dozenThey peoplelater alongreturn withto Ash,the Misty,house and Brockfind Team Rocket. AshBrock, callswho outby {{AP|Noctowl}}this totime dohad anstarted airto searchdevelop whofeelings soonfor findsTemacu, [[Transportationis inheartbroken thewhen Pokémonhe world|Teamfinds Rocket'sout balloon]]that hoveringshe aroundhas andfallen reportsfor backJames instead. Meanwhile, JessieAsh and JamesMisty goexpose backTeam toRocket, Temacu'sprompting housethe withtrio Temacuto flee. HerAsh fathersends thanksout them{{AP|Chikorita}}, andwho defeats Jessie's tellsArbok. aJames liethen aboutsends howout theyWeezing foundto theuse so-calledSmokescreen, "attackers"but andMisty defeatedsends themout toPoliwhirl, savewho Temacu.uses However,a hercombination fatherof noticesBubble and {{MTRm|Water Gun}}. withJames somethinggets in handthe andway Jessieof saysthe theyshot, simplybut foundTemacu it.pushes JessieJames andaside Meowthin sneaktime off to find the Pokémon theyand accidentallygets lefthit behindinstead, andknocking soonher discoverout. aBrock roomgoes withup ato shelfher fullto ofsee [[Pokéif Ball]]s. The heistshe is putalright. onIn holdthe asmeantime, Temacu'sChikorita fatheruses tells{{m|Vine themWhip}} thatto Temacutoss cookedArbok themand a meal,Weezing whichinto Jessie and Meowth acceptJames. JamesMisty isand alreadyAsh inthen theblast diningthem room,off actingwith muchPoliwhirl's likeWater Brock did,Gun and constantlyPikachu's nudging Jessie for advice{{m|Thunderbolt}}.
AshTemacu findslater thewakes balloonup and has Noctowl put a holefalls in Whenwith the balloondoctor crasheswho itaided isher, revealedshocking toBrock beonce a decoyagain. TheyHer laterfather makeexplains itthat backshe torecently thesaw house.her Thecousin threeget burstmarried rightand inbecame whileobsessed Jessie,with Jamesgetting andmarried Meowth are eatingherself. Brock,Ash whoand byhis thisfriends time had startedleave to developcontinue feelingstheir for Temacujourney, isbut heartbrokenBrock whenis hestill finds that she has fallen for James insteadheartbroken. Ash tells the family that itMisty's Teamassurance Rocket,instantly butcheers JessieBrock tellsup, themhowever, they'reand justhe locals.looks Mistyforward pullsto offthe Jessie'smeeting disguisethe andright reveals Jessie togirl everyonesomewhere.
Team Rocket makes a run for it, Ash and his friends pursue them. Ash sends out {{AP|Chikorita}} and Jessie sends out Arbok. A {{m|Tackle}} from Chikorita proves enough to knock Arbok out. James then sends Weezing to use SmokeScreen but Misty sends out Poliwhirl for a Bubble. Following up with a {{m|Water Gun}}, James gets in the way of the shot, but Temacu pushes James aside in time and gets hit instead, knocking her out. Brock goes up to her to see if she's alright. In the meantime, Chikorita uses {{m|Vine Whip}} to toss Arbok and Weezing onto Jessie and James. Misty and Ash finishes them off with Poliwhirl's Water Gun and Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
One medical call later and Temacu wakes up. She then falls in love with the doctor who helped her and Brock is once again shocked, however the feelings are mutual. Her father explains that she recently saw her cousin get married and that's why she was so obsessed with getting married herself. They leave to continue their journey, but Brock is still heartbroken. Misty's assurance instantly cheers Brock up, as he looks forward to the meeting the right girl somewhere.
==Major events==

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