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(To distinguish from the larger organization, which also plays a major role in BW.)
* An instrumental version of {{so|Best Wishes!}} is used as background music.
* Despite {{TP|Iris|Axew}} learning {{m|Outrage}} in this episode, he never used the move again.
** To date, this is the only episode of the {{pkmn|anime}} where the effects of the move Outrage are consistent with the {{pkmn|games}}. In all other occasions, the move has sent the user into an uncontrollable rampage as part of the episode's plot.
* In some airings and streams of this episode, such as the Australian{{pmin|Australia}}n airing, the title card erroneously reads ''Battle Club Finale: A Hero's Outcome!''. Most reruns, home video, and streaming releases feature the correct title card.
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