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==In the TCG==
{{main|Type (TCG)}}
In the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]], there arewere initially only seven types, although it has since been extended to eleven types. Because of this reduction, there are many Pokémon that share a type with one another, despite not normally sharing one in the core video game. Furthermore, in the TCG it's the Pokémon's type itself, not the type of energy used to power its attack, that determines whether more or less damage is done due to Type; generally speaking weakness to a Pokémon's type doubles damage, while resistance reduces damage by 20 points. So while type mechanics are generally different than in the core games, though they maydo try to preserve a similar spirit.
For example, [[Machamp]], [[Gigalith]], and [[Hippowdon]] are all {{TCG|Fighting}} type Pokémon in the TCG, despite being {{t|Fighting}}-, {{t|Rock}}- and {{type|Ground}} Pokémon, respectively, in the video game. However, Machamp cards may be weak to {{TCG|Psychic}} type Pokémon, while Gigalith may be weak to {{TCG|Water}} type Pokémon, and Hippowdon would be weak to {{TCG|Grass}} type Pokémon, just as those Pokémon would be in the core games. Likewise, when these Pokémon attack, they may be able to do extra damage to a {{TCG|Lightning}} type Pokémon in the TCG, despite {{type|Electric}} Pokémon in the video game not being normally weak to {{t|Fighting}}- and {{type|Rock}} Pokémon.
==In other languages==

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