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Suddenly Black wakes up and is sure that Cheren had the same dream, but wonders whether Cheren forgot what he wrote. Nevertheless, Black believes Cheren will forever be his friend no matter what happens to him. He takes out his proposal notebook and flips to the page where he wrote that he would win the {{un|Pokémon League}}. Underneath Black's writing, Cheren wrote that he would support Black all the way towards his dreams.
Just then, a {{p|Musharna}} lands on Black's head. Black welcomes [[Musha]] back to his team. Then, with fury burning inside him, he immediately addresses Team Plasma and blames them for exploiting his best friend and kidnapping his boss. Something glows, and Zinzolin gasps as he witnesses {{p|Reshiram}} emerge from the [[Dragon Stones|Light Stone]].
==Major events==

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