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As Ash asks Pikachu if he's okay, Misty reveals her own Key Stone hanging on her hairband, causing Ash to flinch at the sight of another Key Stone owned by a friend of his. Bonding with the [[Gyaradosite]] on Gyarados's forehead, Misty's Key Stone triggers the Mega Evolution of her Gyarados, turning it into a Mega Gyarados. Ash smiles at the sight of this, and Misty has Gyarados attack with Hydro Pump, which sends Pikachu flying into the water below it. Gyarados follows up with {{m|Crunch}}, but Pikachu manages to get back onto a solid surface, allowing him to use his full maneuverability to avoid the attack. Ash tells Pikachu to use {{m|Iron Tail}}, which he manages to execute after climbing onto Gyarados's back, striking the massive Water Pokémon across the face and sending it underwater. Misty compliments Ash and Pikachu, before having Gyarados use Hurricane underwater, creating a cyclone of water around Pikachu. Pikachu tries to use Thunderbolt on the vortex, but the electricity just gets stuck on its sides. Misty comments that no challenger has ever been able to break her combination of Rain Dance and Hurricane. Ash, however, merely comments that breaking through stuff like this is what makes battles fun for him. To everybody's confusion, Ash tells Pikachu to climb out of the Hurricane, using Quick Attack to bounce off the electricity still circling on its sides. While everybody expresses their surprise of this unpredictable strategy, Ash and Pikachu begin performing their own Z-Move, {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}}. The devastating Electric attack is fired at Gyarados, who is unable to sustain the [[damage]] and faints, winning the battle for Ash. Misty compliments Ash of his increased strength, but also comments how he's still childish, irritating Ash. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is filled with excitement over these great battles, and Kukui tells everybody to remember what they experienced, even when they return to [[Alola]].
At the airport, Brock and Misty hand Ash's class some replica Badges as commemorations of their battles, with all the girls getting Cascade Badge replicas and all the boys getting Boulder Badge replicas. Kiawe tells Brock that the next time they battle, he'll be earning a real Boulder Badge. Turning to {{an|Professor Oak}} and [[Samson Oak]], Kukui says that this experience has given him confidence to realize his dream of making the Pokémon League culture [[Alola League|take root]] in Alola as well. Brock and Misty approach Ash, telling him that they had fun during this reunion, it having reminded them of the old days when they used to travel together. Ash invites the two to come visit Alola sometime, and they gladly accept the offer. And while Ash's class flies back towards Alola, they're completely unaware of {{an|Jigglypuff}} having secretly boarded their plane as well, riding on its tail.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} are also on their way back to Alola, [[SM042|still]] being carried there by {{an|Bewear}}, who apparently has been running on water nonstop for three days now.

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