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Darkrai (Burning Shadows 87)

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{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Darkness|expansion={{TCG|Burning Shadows}}|rarity={{rar|Rare Holo}}|cardno=87/147|jpexpansion={{TCG|To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow}}|jprarity={{rar|R}}|jpcardno=034/051}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Darkness|jpexpansion={{TCG|GX Starter Decks}}|jpdeck=Darkness Yveltal-GX Deck|jpcardno=071/131}}
'''Darkrai''' (Japanese: '''ダークライ''' ''Darkrai'') is a {{ct|Darkness}} Basic Pokémon card. It iswas first released as part of the {{TCG|Burning Shadows}} expansion.
==Card text==
|jdex=深い 眠りに 誘う 力で 人や ポケモンに 悪夢を 見せて 自分の 縄張りから 追い出す。
==Release information==
This card was included in the {{TCG|Burning Shadows}} expansion, first released in the Japanese {{TCG|To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow}} expansion as a Mirror Holofoil. It was reprinted as a Non Holofoil in the Darkness Yveltal-GX Deck of the Japanese {{TCG|GX Starter Decks}}.
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