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Levitate (Ability)

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* Despite the fact that its descriptions from [[Generation]] {{gen|IV}} on state that Levitate gives immunity to all {{type|Ground}} moves, Pokémon with Levitate are affected by the [[status move]] {{m|Sand Attack}}.
* [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Rotom|Fan]] {{p|Rotom}} is the only Pokémon with this Ability to be naturally immune to {{type|Ground}} moves due to being {{type|Flying}} in Generation V and onward.
* {{p|Duskull}}, {{p|Bronzor}}, and {{p|Bronzong}} are the only Pokémon that can have this Ability that also have a secondary Ability.
* This is the most commoncommonly seen [[Ability]] amongon thePokémon on winning Video Game World Championships team's winnersteams.
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