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Ken (ICYR)

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[[File:Ken GFUMICYR.png|thumb|250px|Ken]]
(Japanese: '''ケン''' ''Ken'') is a character in ''[[Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You! Remix]]''.
|img=Marshadow GFUMICYR.png
|main=Marshadow (M20)
|pkmn=Dojo Pokémon
|img=Ken dojo Pokémon GFUMICYR.png
|desc=A {{p|Cleffa}}, {{p|Petilil}}, {{p|Togedemaru}}, {{p|Stufful}}, and {{p|Cutiefly}} are some of the Pokémon that lives in Ken's grandfather's dojo. They appeared to play with Ken while Marshadow attempted to leave.

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