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Pokémon in Serbia

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Pokémon anime
==Pokémon anime==
The anime in '''{{wp|Serbia}}''' (at the time {{wp|Federal Republic of Yugoslavia}} and {{wp|Serbia and Montenegro}}) was dubbed from [[S01|Pokémon: Indigo League]] to [[S05|Pokémon: Master Quest]] by studio Loudworks. [[Pokémon Chronicles]] came out in 2005, dubbed by {{wp|Happy TV}}, with seemingly all voice actors changed except for Misty and Ash. It aired on Happy TV and all the episodes except 19-21 were released on 4 DVDs in 2005 - 2006. With [[S06|Pokémon: Advanced]] never getting dubbed surprisingly [[S07|Pokémon: Advanced Challenge]] started airing a fair while after [[S05|Master Quest]] concluded, still dubbed by Loudworks, but with some voice actors changed. The original dub aired on many different channels, including {{wp|RTV Pink|Pink}} and {{wp|Ultra (TV channel|Ultra}}, while [[S07|Advanced Challenge]] aired only on {{wp|Ultra (TV channel|Ultra}}. [[S01|Indigo League]] and [[S02|Orange Islands]]' theme song was the [[Pokémon Theme]] dubbed in Serbian with [[Pokémon World (song)|Pokémon World]] being skipped. [[S03|Johto Journeys]], [[S04|Johto League Champions]] and [[S05|Master Quest]] all used [[Pokémon Johto]] dubbed in Serbian, skipping [[Born to Be a Winner]] and [[Believe in Me]]. [[S07|Advanced Challenge]] used [[This Dream]] dubbed in Serbian. Seasons [[S08|8]] through [[S13|13]] were never dubbed. [[S14|Pokémon: Black & White]] started airing on {{wp|Happy TV}} in Serbian, dubbed by studio Ideogram, using [[Black and White (song)|Black and White]] dubbed in Serbian as it's opening. Anything beyond was never dubbed as of now.
In Serbia the anime is available on [[Netflix]].

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