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Jessie's Gourgeist

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In ''[[XY060|A Showcase Debut!]]'', Pumpkaboo was used in the {{ci|Coumarine}} Rookie Class [[Pokémon Showcase]]. Jessie dressed Pumpkaboo up as a scarecrow for the Theme Performance, where she was matched against {{an|Shauna}}'s {{p|Bulbasaur}} and [[Alouette]]'s {{p|Furfrou}}. Her costume and accessories were not well received by the audience members and she ended up receiving the least amount of votes, thus being eliminated from the competition.
[[File:Jessie Pumpkaboo Coumarine Showcase.png|thumb|250px|In her first Showcase as a Pumpkaboo]]
In ''[[XY063|A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!]]'', she was separated from her Trainer as well as {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} after being blasted off by {{AP|Pikachu}}. While looking for her with James and {{MTR}}, she was captured by a {{OBP|Pokémon hunter|XY063}} along with Meowth and {{TP|James|Inkay}}. After getting rescued by James and being reunited with her Trainer, she helped to defeat the Pokémon hunter along with Team Rocket's other Pokémon, Pikachu and {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}}.
In ''[[XY091|A Performance Pop Quiz!]]'', Gourgeist was used in the Freestyle Performance of the {{ci|Anistar}} Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase. Gourgeist used her flashlight ability as a spotlight while Jessie danced. Jessie finished her performance by having Gourgeist use {{m|Seed Bomb}} to create fireworks. In the end, however, Jessie did not receive enough votes and ended up in third place.
[[File:Jessie Gourgeist flashlight.png|thumb|left|250px|Gourgeist releasing light from the holes in her body]]
In ''[[XY101|A Dancing Debut!]]'', Gourgeist was used, along with Wobbuffet, in the Freestyle Performance of the {{to|Couriway}} Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase. Gourgeist used Leech Seed to enwrap Jessie with vines, which resulted in a tower with Jessie on top. Next, Gourgeist and Wobbuffet helped the dancing Jessie to stay airborne. Gourgeist then used a combination of a {{m|Shadow Ball}}, reflected by Wobbuffet using {{m|Mirror Coat}}, and Seed Bomb to create fireworks, finishing their performance. In the end, their performance received the most votes from the audience, making Jessie the winner, earning her, her first {{DL|Pokémon Showcase|Princess Key}}.

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