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Argus Steel

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|desc={{p|Honedge}} is one of Argus's Pokémon. It was first seen in ''[[SS030|Diancie — Princess of the Diamond Domain]]'', spying on Diancie using a camera linked to a video feed being watched by Millis.
Honedge reappeared in ''[[M17|Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction]]'', where it went to [[Avignon Town]] to spy on Diancie. It continued to do so until Diancie was bathed by {{OBP|Xerneas|M17}}'s {{a|Fairy Aura}} in [[Allearth Forest]]. When {{OBP|Yveltal|M17}} went on a rampage, Honedge was one of the Pokémon petrified by Yveltal's {{m|Oblivion Wing}} and didn't get revived until Xerneas used {{m|Geomancy}}.
None of Honedge's moves are known.}}

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