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Brock's Crobat

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[[File:Brock Zubat.png|left|thumb|200px|As a {{p|Zubat}}]]
Crobat was first seen in ''[[EP006|Clefairy and the Moon Stone]]'' as a Zubat flying out of [[Mt. Moon]] with many others of its kind. Unlike most Pokémon captures, this was never shown happening, and it did not become known that Brock had captured one until he used it in a {{pkmn|battle}} against {{TP|Jessie|Ekans}} and {{TP|James|Koffing}}. {{Ash}} was puzzled by its appearance, and Brock explained that he had caught it before they entered the cave, much to Ash's frustration as he realized that he should have caught one as well. Zubat used Whirlwind alongside [[Ash's Butterfree]] to repel a {{m|SmokeScreenSmokescreen}}, but it was tackled by Koffing. It recovered and used Supersonic, causing Ekans and Koffing to turn on each other and allowing Butterfree to send them flying.
In ''[[EP019|Tentacool & Tentacruel]]'', Zubat battled alongside {{AP|Squirtle}} against a giant {{p|Tentacruel}}, but was knocked out by Tentacruel's attack.
[[File:Brock Golbat.png|thumb|200px|As a {{p|Golbat}}]]
In ''[[EP165|Hassle in the Castle]]'', Ash, Misty, and Brock entered a castle where a woman named [[Dr. Anna]] used different Pokémon for diagnosing and treating patients. One of these was her Zubat, Mimi, which used its Supersonic move to scan patients. Eager to impress the doctor, Brock sent out his Zubat to assist her. [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} entered the scene, and as Dr. Anna, Brock, and the two Zubat pursued them, causing them to become stuck in an underground maze. Dr. Anna had Mimi use Supersonic again to create a map, and with the assistance of Brock's Zubat an entire map of the maze was generated. They wandered through the maze and encountered multiple traps until their Zubat were able to find the exit door. This wouldn't open, and {{TRT}} were given the opportunity to grab both of the Zubat, only to find themselves stuck as well. They were eventually freed from the maze by {{TP|Brock|Pineco}}'s {{m|Self-Destruct}} and the two Zubat flew free of the bag they were held in. Team Rocket tried to make off with [[Ash's Pikachu]], but the two Zubat blew away Weezing's {{m|Smokescreen}} and Brock's Zubat engaged in battle with Team Rocket's Pokémon. During this battle, it [[Evolution|evolved]] into Golbat, and was able to send Team Rocket packing with the help of Pikachu. Brock had hoped to stay and help Dr. Anna, but had his hopes crushed when he learned that Golbat was so strong that its Supersonic overloaded Dr. Anna's computer.
Golbat and {{TP|Brock|Pineco}} watched over Brock when he fell ill in ''[[EP193|Sick Daze]]''. It used Supersonic to prevent him overexerting himself and keep him in bed. It also helped rescue all of the stolen Pokémon by destroying the balloon with Wing Attack, and attacking Arbok and {{TP|James|Weezing}}, again with Pineco.
=====Kanto Battle Frontier=====
Crobat only appeared as Brock was lending it, along with his Onix and Geodude, to his younger brother, [[Forrest]]. It also made a brief appearance in ''[[AG177|Grating Spaces]]'', where it welcomed Brock home along with the rest of his Pokémon.
===={{series|Sun & Moon}}====

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