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[[File:EP194 error.png|thumb|200px|right|Machamp's miscolored jaw. Also, there should be at least seven losing Pokémon in this section.]]
* Brock [[Fourth wall|breaks the fourth wall]] at the beginning of this episode.
* Despite the sumo competition's weight requirement of at least {{tt|80 kilograms|176.4 lbs}}, many of the competing Pokémon's listed species weights are below the requirement, such as {{p|Arbok}} (65 kg) and {{p|Nidoking}} (62 kg). This is most likely because each species of Pokémon can vary in weight in the anime, as opposed to the games, where members of a species almost always weigh the same.
* In one scene, Nidoking is grey instead of purple.
* During another scene, the competing Pokémon are shown on a wall. Six are shown, but there should be at least eight. Since the sumo competition is a single-elimination style tournament, there must be two, four, eight, sixteen, or etc. competitors.
EP194 error.png|Machamp's miscolored jaw. Scoreboard error
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