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Island Kahuna

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An '''island kahuna''' (Japanese: '''しまキング''' ''Island King'' or '''しまクイーン''' ''Island Queen'') is a [[Human|person]] who presides over a certain [[island challenge]] in the [[Alola]] [[region]]. Island kahunas serve as the final obstacle in that particular island's trial and battle a {{pkmn|Trainer}} in a Grand Trial. There is one kahuna for each of the four main islands of Alola, with each one chosen by that island's [[Guardian deities|guardian deity]]. In addition to presiding over an island, they are also in charge of tending to their guardian's ruins when necessary and selecting new [[Trial Captain]]s for their island. Prior to the establishment of the Alolan {{al|Pokémon League}}, a Trainer attempting their island challenge who had finished all of their trials and grand trials was to scale [[Mount Lanakila]] and battle all four kahunas in a row in order to become an island challenge champion.
According to [[Acerola]], a person chosen to be an island kahuna cannot refuse the position; in this case, she was referring to [[Nanu]]. A kahuna's reign lasts until they die, as was the case with [[Hapu]]'s grandfather and predecessor, or are forcibly ejected from their position by their respective guardian deity, as was with the case with a former unspecified kahuna who established the gang that [[Team Skull]] drew inspiration from. The time in between an island kahuna's exit from their position and the naming of a new one is not always immediate — following the death of Hapu's grandfather, [[Poni Island]] was left without a kahuna for several years.
==List of island kahunas==
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==In the anime==
[[File:SM010 Ash VS Hala.png|thumb|{{Ash}} challenging Hala in his first Grand Trial]]
In the [[Pokémon anime]], defeating the Island Kahunas is a major part of {{Ash}}'s island challenge. To date, Ash and {{ashcl}} have encountered the following Island Kahunas:
* [[Hala]] made his debut in ''[[SM009|To Top a Totem!]]'', where he watched over Ash while he completed the [[Verdant Cavern]] trial. In ''[[SM010|Trial and Tribulation!]]'' Ash fought him, won, and received a new [[Electrium Z]] after {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Koko}} swapped Hala's [[Fightinium Z]] with it.
* [[Olivia]] first appeared in person in ''[[SM031|The Island Whisperer!]]'', where she brought Ash's class to [[Akala Island]]. After completing the [[Lush Jungle]] trial in ''[[SM035|Currying Favor and Flavor!]]'', Ash battled Olivia in ''[[SM036|Trials and Determinations!]]'' and won, earning a [[Rockium Z]].
* [[Nanu]]'s first appearance was in ''[[SM073|Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?]]'', where he gave {{TRT}} a [[Z-Ring|Z-Power Ring]] as thanks for helping [[Acerola]]. Ash will meetmet him in ''[[SM074|Tough Guy Trials!]]'', and then battled him in a grand trial in ''[[SM077|Guiding an Awakening!]]'' and won, earning a [[Lycanium Z]] as a reward. In the {{pkmn|anime}}, he is an old acquaintance of {{an|Giovanni}}.
* Like the games, Poni Island had no Island Kahuna as of ''[[SM104|That's Some Spicy Island Research!]]'', when Ash and his classmates arrived to the island to conduct their personal research projects. [[Hapu]] first appeared in the same episode. Also like the games, she was not a Kahuna when she was first seen, but her grandfather [[Sofu]] was the Island's second-most recent. As revealed in the [[SM105|following episode]], Hapu had been training to follow in her grandfather's footsteps, but had not been able to meet {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Fini}}, despite multiple attempts to get in touch with it. In ''[[SM108|Memories in the Mist!]]'', Tapu Fini accepted Hapu after witnessing her desire to save her friends from its illusory mist, and was officially instated as Poni Island's Kahuna in a ceremony in the [[SM109|next episode]]. The night after the ritual, Ash battled Hapu in a grand trial and won, earning a [[Steelium Z]], as chosen by {{AP|Pikachu}}, as a reward.
In ''[[SM011|Young Kiawe Had a Farm!]]'', [[Kiawe's grandfather]] was mentioned to have been a Kahuna prior to the start of the {{series|Sun & Moon}}. In ''That's Some Spicy Island Research!'', it is mentioned that the previous {{isl|Poni}} Island Kahuna, unrelated to Hapu or her grandfather, had retired due to age and illness.
In ''[[SM011|Young Kiawe Had a Farm!SM115]]'', [[Kiawe'sthe grandfather]]four wasIsland mentionedKahunas were revealed to have beenagreed awith Kahuna{{an|Professor priorKukui}} to theact startas of[[Battle judge|referees]] during the seriesfirst [[Alola League|Alola]] [[Pokémon League Conference]].
* Each kahuna wears an article of clothing of the color that corresponds to their island's name and guardian. Hala's Aloha shirt is yellow, Olivia's shirt is pink, Nanu's undershirt is red, and Hapu's bonnet is purple.
* All island kahunas keep their Pokémon in {{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]]s.
==In other languages==
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