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====Bulbagarden Social Media====
Bulbagarden Social Media was created in early 2013, with the aim to coordinate efforts to establish and maintain a strong Bulbagarden presence across the major social media sites, such as {{wp|Twitter}}, {{wp|Facebook}} and {{wp|Tumblr}}. The project is still in its infancy and working on building its initial staff, although its first project leader (''social media coordinator'') has already been appointed.
====Bulbagarden Discord====
{{main|Bulbagarden Discord}}
The Bulbagarden Discord server was created in 2016 as a modern counterpart to the Bulbagarden IRC server and to complement the [[Bulbagarden forums]] as part of Bulbagarden's community efforts. Its project head is the Chief Discord Administrator, and it uses fuchsia as its main color.
===Other projects===

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