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|desc={{p|Sealeo}} made a cameo during its first appearance in {{TRT}}'s electric net but was eventually freed.
In the [[AG111|next episode]], Sealeo was one of the two Pokémon Juan used in the first round of his battle with Ash. Sealeo used Blizzard on {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{AP|Snorunt}}, but Snorunt countered it with {{m|Icy Wind}}. It then tried to hit Pikachu with Aurora Beam, but Pikachu dodged. When Ash switched Snorunt for {{AP|Corphish}} and attacked with {{m|Bubble Beam|BubbleBeam}}, Sealeo dived into the water and tried hitting Pikachu again, but once again Pikachu dodged. After Sealeo was left alone against both of Ash's Pokémon it used Ice Ball repeatedly and almost won the battle, but was eventually taken down by Corphish's {{m|Crabhammer}}.
It reappeared in a flashback in ''[[AG111|Eight Ain't Enough]]''.

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