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:''For type charts from previous generations, see [[Type/Type chart]]''
A '''type chart''', also known as '''type matchup chart''', shows which modifiers are applied to [[move]] types when attacking {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} of each type. If the defending Pokémon is dual-typed, the modifier is calculated as the product of the modifiers for both of its types: a {{type|Flying}} move would hit for 4× damage on a {{2t|Bug|Grass}} Pokémon, while a {{type|Ground}} move used against the same would do only a quarter of the normal damage. (A complete ineffectiveness against either type will make the move deal no damage, since 0 multiplied by any number is 0.)
The type chart differs depending on the [[generation]] of {{pkmn|games}} it is from. The current type chart is shown below.
==??? type==
{{main|??? (type)}}
The ??? type is the only type to have been removed from the [[core series]] games. The ??? type only existed from [[Generation II]] to [[Generation IV]], and was primarily used in the core series as the type of the move {{m|Curse}}. It was removed in [[Generation V]], and Curse became a {{type|Ghost}} move. Any damaging moves given the ??? type<!--e.g. Shadow Rush in Colosseum only, where it is specifically listed as ???-type, Weather Ball in Shadow Sky, Mystery Dungeon-exclusive moves--> deal regular damage against all types, and any Pokémon given the ??? type takes regular damage against all moves.
==Glitch types==
{{main|List of glitch types}}
There are several types which only appear through the use of glitches, such as on the types of [[glitch Pokémon]]. Most famously this includes the {{t|Bird}} type, which was intentionally programmed into the code of the Generation I and II games but was not given to any real Pokémon. Other glitch types are the result of the game reading other data as if it typedwere types. Like the ??? type, all glitch types have no special effectiveness (they both inflict normal damage against all types and take normal damage from all types).
==In other games==

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